The winner of the Premier league will be ………….

You must have heard it being said countless times: “It is all in the head”. Top football is all about the head than the legs. Finally, come this weekend, one team will be crowned the English premier league champions.

This is definitely by far the most fascinating title struggle in the history of the Premier league.

Liverpool and Manchester City have been just “extra-terrestrial” in their performances and have sent all other worldwide league championship title rivalries, into the background.

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool have played 37 games, amassed 94 points, won 29, drawn 7 and lost just once! Liverpool have scored 87 goals and conceded 22!

With these statistics any other football club elsewhere in the universe would have been crowned champions weeks ago, that is anywhere else but the premier league without a team like Liverpool and Manchester city!

With one game to go, defending champions, Pep Guardiola’s Manchester city, top the league, 37 games played, 95 points, won 31 games, drawn 2, lost 4 and conceded a relatively measly 22 goals scoring 91 goals.

They average 1 goal every 37 minutes of play! Did I hear you say unbelievable? You are more than right; it is Phenomenal and out of this world.

These two are inseparable; For the 32nd time this season, there has been a change of leadership of the premier league between these 2 clubs!

The Question on most lips now is:  Who is going to be crowned 2018/2019 premier league champions?

At this point it is no longer dependant on who plays the best football, who has the best tactics, fan base, home or away form etc. these are times as players you even have problems eating!

Come Sunday, the 12th of May 2019, 16:00 central European time, the winner of this extraordinary contest will be…………….?

Definitely the team that just simply has the strongest mental strength! You either have the “eye of the Tiger” state of mind or you will be the one crying from pain after 90 minutes.

Liverpool at one point led the league by as much as 9 points but today are 1 point behind and only their only loss coming from title rivals Manchester City in a gruelling encounter!

Manchester City at one point were all talk about winning the premier league unbeaten all season, well today they have lost 4 games and have a very precarious 1-point lead!

Will it be Manchester city who have won over 12 games in a row to get this far and recently have always had to play with the extra pressure after Liverpool?


Will it be the premier league’s best defender ,Virgil Van Dijk’s led Liverpool who, after facing the mockery from rivals of having thrown away a 9 points lead just after Christmas, but have some way  found inhuman courage to still continue and be probably just a victory away from winning its first Premier league title in 29 years with the added pressure that comes with this expectation?

The team with the strongest Mental strength will win and It will be a team from the North west of England!

As a Neutral, I am loving every moment of this and I hope you are too!

Long live top-class football!!!

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  • Busayo says:

    The competition between the duo of Liverpool and City is insane. I am particularly impressed by the way Liverpool have rivaled city for the title. It is particularly unbelievable considering the fact that city ran away with the Title last season. I feel they deserve it a little more than city because they’ve played more games this season and have lost fewer games. They’ve managed a few injury crises and have given the best of performance playerwise this season.That said, whoever wins on Sunday should pay glowing tribute to the other. It’s been breathtaking!. Nice piece Coach, always a fan.

    • Thanks bro,but the bitter and unfortunate truth about football at this level is that there is little sympathy for 2nd place and only the points count at the end! Man. city were extremely strong to wage away this Liverpool Tsunami set at them. Looking forward to next season already. Aren’t you?


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