Are these the keys to Success?

keys-to-success“If everyone loves you, something is wrong with you, if everyone hates you, then you have a problem, but if everyone respects you, then you are an exceptional human being” …The Late Oliseh Gov. Akpati. (My grandfather to his grandkids)

Today in response to the endless and countless questions I get on social media as regards my blueprint to always seemingly always forging ahead to new heights, I share these below with you!

I believe in life you just have to learn to say no to most, before the world will tell you Yes!

As a school kid in Lagos Nigeria, I had those “bully thuglike” classmates who often picked on me a lot because my eyes were too white and my lips were to red, they said. According to them a man’s eyes and lips had to be darker via the intake of cigarette and marijuana. My answer was always No to them!

Today most of them, thanks to social media info. from old rediscovered classmates, have either been shot dead during armed robbery, late or wherabouts unknown!  Imagine if I had said yes to them then?

Today is motivational day and I share this Denzel Washington video with you. If you value my opinion, then watch this and relate to it no matter what field you belong.

Yesterday I was fortunate to watch and listen to Arnold Schwarzenegger give a speech at the Paris climate summit. I was so touched and could relate to every word I felt he was reading out most of the guidelines I have tried to follow all my life.

I have attached below a similar motivational speech from Arnold! It is worth listening till the end.

Have you ever noticed how each time a seemingly revolutionary idea comes to your head and you share it with friends, how many are quick to see reasons why you cannot achieve them or highlight the obstacles that await you should you try to put those ideas into reality?

You have only one life to live, live it your way and if you must blame anyone the day God takes you to his side, let it be yourself with a smile.




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