Saviour or Curse?  Man. United & Cristiano Ronaldo Part 2.

“Ronaldo is back”, three words that threw the Manchester United Stock rising almost 10% in minutes and the English press in an ecstatic frenzy.

Pelé, (a.k.a Edson Arantes do Nascimento) arguably the best player to ever play the game of soccer, is reported to have gone out of his way, to personally congratulate Cristiano Ronaldo, on his move away from record Italian Giants Juventus, To Manchester United.

Manchester United fans have been celebrating in an ecstatic manner, but should they be?

For the uninformed, Ronaldo holds some of the most phenomenal records in modern-day football history and is arguably, the biggest superstar, to ever wear the Manchester United colours.

In his first coming at Manchester United,2003 to 2009, Ronaldo scored 84 goals in 196 appearances! Winning several titles and individual accolades including a FIFA world player of the year award.

He was so good he raised the playing standard and market value of every Man. United player, most especially, Wayne Rooney’s and consequentially the club itself.

On the international scene, at 36 years of age, Ronaldo just reached the enviable milestone of 111 goals for Country in 180 appearances, an all-time world record.

He has led Portugal to the 2016 European UEFA Championship, the 2019 UEFA nations League titles, Runner-up 2004 UEFA European Championship 2004 hosted by Portugal, Third places, 2012 in Poland-Ukraine, and the FIFA Confederations Cup, 2017 Russia.

Outside Man. United, at the club level, his contributions at Real Madrid did not only get them several Spanish league titles but total dominance of the Prestigious and most sought-after European champions league, winning it 4 times of which, a record 3 consecutive wins. He continued with Titles at Juventus.

Well, you get the point, with Cristiano Ronaldo in your team, you are near guaranteed of winning Silverware.

Man. United lately has not only become “Title less”,  but lack a star player unanimously accepted by the whole world and one that raises the output of teammates by his active performance and leadership.

With Cristiano Ronaldo they now have that, or do they?

At 36 years old Ronaldo, though still “packing” an enviable six-pack abdomen to most men, is far from what he was, physically, Part 1 of his Man. United coming, but has definitely not lost his scoring touch and has grown in maturity.

I personally feel Ronaldo’s second coming is looking like a double-edged sword, or some even believe, an impending Curse for Man. United manager, Ole Solksjaer.

With Ronaldo in the squad now, there is definitely no excuse anymore, for not winning the English Premier League or UEFA Champions League Titles.

Ronaldo does not run as fast, eliminate several opponents at a go like he used to do in the past, and let’s face it, aging takes away a lot from a top athlete, even if you are an extraordinary athlete like Ronaldo.

If this was not true, “the human Ferrari” Usain Bolt, would still be running and dominating the 100 meters race worldwide, instead of now living in retirement at 35 years old!

With Chelsea, Liverpool, Man. City and now credible outsiders, Tottenham looking very hungry and ambitious, the premier league is no longer a two-team championship race it used to be during Ronaldo’s first coming.

Tactically, I believe, to get the best from Ronaldo this second coming, Man. United has to craft out a tactical formula that puts on show non-stop, the still lethal, finishing capabilities of Ronaldo, and always get Ronaldo in positions that make him excel. If not, this second coming, though financially good for some, might end up being a “sporting” curse for many. Good luck Man. United fans.

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