“Remake” or Break Mourinho ?

Though he had taken FC Porto to the UEFA cup title in 2003, beating Glasgow Celtic in the finals, the world did not herald fully the self-proclaimed “special One”, Jose Mourinho as a world class coach.

It was twelve months later, when he led Porto to the European Champions league Title over Didier Deschamp’s Monaco that he finally captivated the full attention of the world.

Tottenham Hotspurs have named Jose Mourinho as their new coach, to replace Mauricio Pochettino. Pochettino stands as one of the most successful coaches ever, in the club’s history.

Just less than 6 months ago Pochettino led Tottenham to its first ever champion’s league final, losing out to the formidable Liverpool machine of Jurgen Klopp, but not before great runs of eliminating other favourites like Manchester city and Ajax Amsterdam along the way.

Prior to Pochettino’s arrival at the London based club, Tottenham were mid table landlords, but his arrival took them not only to top 4 status, but came painfully close to winning the premier league title in 2016, just three years ago, beaten to it by the now legendary run by Claudio Ranieri’s Leicester.

After Porto, Mourinho further went on not only to win a second Champions league title with Inter Milan but brought to Stanford bridge as coach of Chelsea, it’s first premier league title in 50 years!

In 2010 he took over Real Madrid as coach and thus began arguably the stumbles and huge backsliding!

Jose Mourinho’s coaching philosophy is overwhelmingly based on buying exceptionally talented, expensive top players to excel and his search and utilisation of weak points in the oppositions playing style was top notch. Many call it “negative football” as it is based more on counter acting as against proactivity, at times.

However, I must confess that the Chelsea team he coached in his first season as coach of Chelsea, were not only solid defensively, but were blisteringly damaging to the opposition when they attacked!

Some will rightfully argue that who cares, as long as you win titles and matches? Isn’t that what a coach is employed to do?

The problem was, starting from 2010 when he arrived at Real Madrid, he came to a country (Spain) and star-studded club, where the culture repulses negative play and packing the bus waiting for the opposition to err. He had mega fall out with the top players, opposition clubs, coaches, fans and eventually the real Madrid board. Winning one league title and the Copa del Rey, his presence was totally eclipsed by modern day “Special coach” in Josep Guardiola of Barcelona.

The 5-0 drubbing game, he and Real Madrid suffered at the hands of Barcelona that first season has gone down in history as one of the most demonstrative ways of how to break down the negative defensive football of the self-proclaimed special one. STOP HIM FROM COUNTER ACTING AND DEPRIVE HIS TEAM OF THE BALL!

Ever since, most teams have employed this method against Mourinho and this has hugely impacted his dominance of the coaching club!

He had some relative success on his second coming at Chelsea, winning once again the premier league, the Title conquest problems started immediately Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp all migrated to the premier league.

The fall out at Man united was bitter for Mourinho and now he is back with Tottenham in the premier league.

From the extracts from the press release and his declarations after his appointment as Tottenham coach, certain facts are strikingly clear:

This is definitely going to be from a mile away, the least star-studded team he ever coached.

He is NOT going to enjoy the near herculean financial support he enjoyed with his previous employers.

His buying power during the transfer window is going to be limited.

Mourinho will have to work with youth talents, many from the club’s academy.

This is by far the relatively ‘smallest club’ he has coached in the past 15 years etc

A success at Tottenham would definitely mean getting better results than Pochettino: Must Win the champions league, Win the Premier league or finish amongst the top 4 for example at least.

Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp are arguably the two hottest coaches of world football today, not only are they talented, confirmed and fanatical winners hey have huge financial capabilities to back their capabilities up.

Dethroning this two by Mourinho really will be “a Kilimanjaro” climb for Mourinho in my opinion.

Personally I feel it is remarkable and should be noted that Jose Mourinho did win titles at the top clubs he coached and could justify his appointment by Tottenham. They need him to go one further and bring them a silverware, a feat Pochettino was not blessed with. His Ability to do or not do this could be decisive.

Having said this, I really wish the self-proclaimed special one all the best, but somethings are worth considering though; Bayern Munich needed a top coach to replace Nico Kovac,they did not turn to Mourinho, Juventus needed a top coach, they rather signed Sarri, Real Madrid ,inter Milan, just to mention a few all went for other coaches and not Mourinho.

If Mourinho still wants to continue being relevant as a top coach and not become a has been top coach forced into early retirement, he has to succeed big time at Tottenham.

The Tottenham job has the strong potential to Remake, Relaunch Jose “the Special One” Mourinho, or be the final stone, that breaks this football personality’s back. The race starts vs West ham on Saturday. We wish him well!




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