FIFA Finally Listens To You!


fifaFinally, FIFA endorses the use of Goal line technology to arbitrate balls crossing the goal line litigation and the Football world heaves a sigh of long awaited, overdue relief! What took them so long? Millions have asked!

 The tennis world ushered a similar technology branded ‘the Hawk eye’ in 2006 and the effect has been phenomenal.

Imagine how many soccer teams have been robbed of Glory by sometimes glaring errors by referees. Had this technology been in place in 1966 maybe Germany would have had one more World cup to their name, or the English would not have had so much doubt clouding their victory over an English goal that was termed by some to not have crossed the line.

 Nigeria would have been African nations Cup champions 2000 cause a glaring ‘goal’ penalty was judged to not have crossed the line by the referee who millions believe needed eye seeing glasses!

 These are just two important examples from thousands that Fifa’s hitherto refusal could have spared from seeing the light of day.

   How does this work? Some asked me via Face Book!

 “All Hawk-Eye systems are based on the principles of triangulation using the visual images and timing data provided by at least four high-speed video cameras located at different locations and angles around the area of play.[2] The system rapidly processes the video feeds by a high-speed video camera and ball tracker. A data store contains a predefined model of the playing area and includes data on the rules of the game.
  The system generates a graphic image of the ball path and playing area, which means that information can be provided to judges, television viewers or coaching staff in near real time”…..

 For those who might still doubt the impact this further Video/TV technology will have on football then please this:

 Ever wondered How come Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi can succeed in scoring over 50 goals in a season without being hurt or hacked down  by opponents? How come they are able to play as much as 70 games in a year without injuries from opponents etc? And legends like Maradona, Zidane, Pele and Johan Cruijff could not?

 Well outside the fact that they are extra ordinarily talented (in fact some think they are Aliens :-)..)  The improved match filming technology that TV has today, close up filming, cameras from every angle filming on and off the ball actions has limited the injuries these players or foul plays these players have to endure from ‘butcher like’ defenders when the fans and the TV is not focused on this players.

 Furthermore, these days the Football authorities can use these images to sanction players even after the game is through.

 This is what we can expect as a revolutionary effect of this new development: The fans and football world can now correct errors by referees in this regard and then become the real referees of Games. Now the power is the hands of the people, in a game for the people by the people!

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