Curse, Culprit or Savior ?

Wayne Rooney claims Cristiano Ronaldo is “getting on a bit” and “isn’t the player he was.”

Jamie Carragher, former Liverpool player, now football critic added; “Ronaldo’s not the player he was, ………. I do not think it should be a big story if Cristiano Ronaldo does not start every game or at times comes off” he concluded

The criticisms from some quarters have been fierce, loud and at times coming from people who owe their status to their one-time association with Ronaldo, past, and present.

Even Ex-Man United, Paul Scholes, and several pundits have continued to criticize the last summer move that brought, though 37 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo back to Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players to ever play football, and ever since his return to Man. United last summer, many have been commenting negatively, and sadly, even some ex-teammates like the ones above.

Though 37 years old, he is still active and decisive, 2 years younger than his critic, retired teammate, and now coach Wayne Rooney.

Ronaldo shows no sign of losing his goalscoring touch. He has now netted twenty-three goals in all competitions this season, in 37 Matches, the same tally he managed when he was 23 years old, in the 2006-07 season!!

On The contrary, Manchester United have had an unsuccessful season by all standards, has often struggled to impress and though they have scored fifty-four goals, they have conceded fifty-two.

Man. United have lost every game without Ronaldo, I believe and were only able to exist and win Champions league matches, this season, thanks to Ronaldo’s Goals and assists.

A wise man once said; “If you do not want people to talk bad about you, or be jealous, envious of your person, and wish you bad, all you have to do, is to be a total failure or beggar” …

However, I would like to add, that even then, some might still talk ill of you, for mockery!

The dream of most top coaches is to have that special player that scores decisive goals and therefore gives the coach, the possibility to build a team around him to gain success.

How can anyone or a team that conceded fifty-two goals blame its striker, Ronaldo for its lack of success when, as a striker, he has scored half the total goal count of the team and is not a defender?

Many star players practically walk when their team defends or issues directives, but Ronaldo, who still has, one of the fittest bodies for any 37-year-old alive, still actively participates defensively and is known to even inculpate yellow cards for defensive fouls.

If you deduct Ronaldo’s goals from Man. United this season, Man. United will be fighting Relegation as we speak instead of being still in line for a Europa League qualification spot.

Observing Man. United, I am amazed at the lack of coherence and division of labour that exists in the team.

Some defenders see themselves as liberos or playmakers first from the back and then secondly tasked defenders, instead of the other way around.

Defensive midfielders are often usurping the playmaker roles, competing to give assists instead of primarily sheltering the defense and making the offensive players play better.

In my Opinion, Critical comments or punditry like the ones above on Ronaldo, are appalling and are borne out of jealousy, envy, lack of constructive or technical knowledge to objectively analyze, or/and the incessant need by some, to make headlines and appear relevant to mask their ignorance.

I am personally opposed to public judgments and assassinations of a person who is privately working so hard to succeed, keeping an extremely strict healthy lifestyle, family-oriented, and an example to millions of people worldwide to settle a score or act out on jealous sentiments.

Of course, Ronaldo was far much more spectacular 10 years ago, but man United’s fortunes have not dwindled due to Ronaldo, but I feel that in a season like this current one, he has been one of the rare sparks of light that have been at the Club.

A curse? Hell no, a blessing and legend, yes in my humble opinion. What do you think?

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