Covid 19 and Football: Why One Has To be killed, For The Other To Survive.

To most people, football is entertainment, a pass time, hobby etc. but to professional footballers and semiprofessionals, football is their passion, hobby, means of livelihood, drug and above all, simply their lives. No football, no life, for footballers.

When the corona virus struck the world officially in February 2020, many self-acclaimed Covid 19 experts came out and predicted a short impact, if any at all, on our lives in general and football in particular. Boy were they totally wrong!

You might be falsely pushed to think this does not affect you or your favourite club or sport,that is why i strongly advice you watch the video attached to the bottom of this Article.

Cristiano Ronaldo, arguably one of the best players ever to play the sport of football is now quarantined due to his infection with the corona virus and this further awakens us to the reality of this menace.

Today, though rarely discussed, football is going through one of its most defining moments ever, since humanity.

Yesterday once again here in some parts of Europe and particularly in Belgium, all forms of Amateur sports have been forbidden. Kids have been traumatized by this as all matches are cancelled,in some cases no more training sessions or limited training sessions to permit the absence of physical contact. With football, no contact means no football.

At 35 years old in general, a man’s active working life really kicks off and officially, till the legal retirement age of 65 years old, he is supposed to have employment and income. A Professional footballers’ career ends at 35, if lucky! What happens if he is blessed with life till 80 years old? 45 years of no income? He needs every penny during active years prior to 35 years of age.

Football clubs employ and pay players. Revenues to these clubs come from gate takings, purchases on match day by visiting fans at stadium club owned bars, restaurants, fan shop etc. Tv rights and most importantly sponsors amongst others.

Covid 19 (corona virus epidemy as many know it) has practically cut off most of the above revenue sources for the clubs. Many Players have been asked to take pay cuts to accommodate this and many sponsors are facing bankruptcies, fighting for their economic survival. To these sponsors, talk and actions about sponsoring football clubs is gradually becoming luxurious and expendable.

Most sponsors paid up front their annual dues of sponsorship, prior to the just concluded 2019/2020 season in the summer of 2019, before the pandemic hit Healthwise and economically. Therefore, the impact of the epidemy did not hit in for the just ended season. Many are not doing so this season with some completely cancelling their sponsorship contracts with football clubs.

One thing is for sure, if a solution to this deadly disease is not found soon, I fear we might be seeing a total metamorphosis to football as we knew it before the Covid 19 era. Hopefully not.

The corona virus figures have once again, negatively exploded in Europe, the winter is here, the future of clubs and source of livelihood of footballers are once again threatened and the prospects of us, further watching games from home on tv with empty stadiums is beginning to have a sickening effect on Millions around the world.

From personal experience, I can tell you that playing a top football match in front of an empty stadium is just simply Horrible! At the top clubs, during normal situations, every training session is carried out with the presence of hundreds of fans and if you are blessed to play for the Super Eagles of Nigeria, you get to train in front of Thousands of fans, as against zero fans like we have today.

The top clubs will eventually be okay, because, with the economic impact of the sad situation they just have to adapt spending to suit income, unfortunately however the modest clubs most likely risk suffering and maybe closing down due to inability to offset debts.

That is the danger for football, why? you may ask. Rarely do top clubs groom future superstars of the sport, the smaller clubs do!

Finally, we have cause to be optimistic, there is a strong possibility of a Covid 19 vaccine against this horrible disease, hopefully one will soon be available to protect us all. Can’t wait to be back in stadiums and open live football, can you?

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