Collaborating as an Anchor with CNN for the 2014 World Cup draws, broadcasted out from the CNN studios in London DRAWS.

    Hosted by Amanda Davis in company of Ex Bayern Munich, Manchester United and Manchester City’s  Star, Owen Hargreaves.

    CNN'S-Human-To-HeroFeature on the prestigious CNN Human To Hero

    “As a child, the World Cup was something that was not for us but for others,” says the man who became one of Nigeria’s pioneering football exports.

    “It was something like a mirage for my nation until my generation came around.”


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    • Ogochukwu says:

      I am grateful to God for you on how far His grace has taking you to, I listing to your life story on a program or conference that you were invited that was organize By”TEDx” your story was really educating and encouraging, but one thing that i dont welcome is that, you Answer Sunday Ogochukwu Oliseh as a name, this name carry Igbo Identity and present and you said publicly and to ears of the world that you are not an Igbo, Not just Only that you come from one of the Biafran State (Delta State) and a community bearing Igbo name, Abazo”, well anybody can answer any name, but i am really sure that you were giving that name because you come from Igbo linage, but you denying your own Land and people no matter any excuse you have is generational suicidal, but you know one,.? is that i am going to help you to spread the clip to any wedsite and social media that i can, send a copy to radio Biafra to listing and broadcast because you have said your mind and where you belong to for future purpose.. Thank you my name Sake…

    • Derek Clark says:

      Hi Sunday, I hope you’re well.

      I’m a football journalist based in the UK, I host a podcast called Talkin Fitbaw where I interview ex players to look back on their career and look at what they are doing now.

      I’d love to invite you on at some point. Would you be available?


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