Arguably The Best Player In The World?

He is a job saver to a Coach, heaven sent to every striker and offensive team mate, he is theme giver to the media, Lifesaver to defenders, club and above all, he is:  Kevin De Bruyne.

This 26-year-old Belgian international made his mark whilst starring for RC Genk in Belgium at a very tender age. After relatively unhappy stunts at Chelsea, Werder Bremen, Chelsea again, he landed at German powerhouse VFL Wolfsburg in 2014.

At the time, Pep Guardiola was Coach of Bayern Munich and definitely got to see De Bruyne show so much promise first hand. In fact, it is highly believed that Pep Guardiola knew and wanted the player years before joining Man. City and secretly inspired Man. City’s purchase of De Bruyne way long before he, Guardiola, arrived to coach Man. City.

To a Coach: Having De Bruyne in your team as your player, almost literally guarantees you your Job. His intelligence and knack to help put into reality the game plan prepared by the coach helps guarantee almost certain success.

To a Striker or offensive Team mate: De Bruyne is heaven sent! He has the rare capability to manufacture defense splitting goal scoring assists that sometimes just require a tap in for goal. Kùn Aguero,Raheem Sterling,Gabriel Jesus,Leroy Sane just to mention a few are benefactors of his rare talent.

To the Media: De Bruyne gives them the possibility to prepare themes to build complete football programs for their viewers. His playing style and effectiveness offers the media themes to entertain their viewers with, be it team play, his individual talent, changes and vision at important occasions, he is present and entertainment worthy.

To the Defenders: just as he is a nightmare to opposing defenders, he is extremely precious to his defenders by the enormous input he puts in when his team has to defend. He is not only quick to initiate pressing on lost balls but wins loads of balls for the team. It is also important to note that his ability to keep the ball also gives his defenders rest points to gather up energy when not in possession.

I personally believe he is arguably one of the best players in the world at the moment if not the best! I know Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will beg to disagree.

I believe Man. City would be a completely different team without De Bruyne. He is good at one on one duels, scores load of goals, manufactures countless assists, gives tempo to the game, defends unlike few offensive midfielders at this level and in my eyes, he is the most complete player at record breaking Man. City.

Watch out, we could be witnessing the route of the next Ballon D’or of world football!

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