Why Hunger Is “Our Best Friend”

hungerI shake my head each time a well fed Westerner hisses with disgust each time “it” happens, because they just do not understand what hunger can make you do!

And by “it” I mean this: An almost regular monthly scenario in recent time, Africans being fished out of the waters bordering Europe and Africa, off the southern Italian island of Lampedusa  to be exact. Most times dead!

Scores lose their lives trying to escape the  abject hunger they face,by sneaking into Europe with the aspirations of seeking work and providing for loved ones in Africa. Loved ones who are in most cases wanting of food, water and a future. On one occasion 130 bodies were fished out with migrants reportedly throwing themselves into the sea to save themselves from fire!

Dead running from hunger,a hunger we advice you to embrace as a friend today!

Why Wouldn’t you love a fella or ‘thing’ who’s very thought of , or presence does nothing but motivate you in a compelling manner to want to be successful ?

We examine together today how the dreaded hunger is your best friend to success in life and especially ,Sports! A follower on twitter once asked me: what keeps players at the top still motivated? After all, they got it all,financially !

With the African Nations Championship (CHAN) just concluded in South Africa, home based talent were abundantly on show and what a spectacular event it was as players aspiring to catch the eye of foreign clubs, hungry for a breakthrough into the better and lucrative foreign leagues slugged it out for a slot in the limited available opportunities abroad!

      Should  We All Be Hungry Men & Women?

We may ignore it, but every second of the day we are hungry for something. could be food,attention,compassion,love,struggle,drink,freedom,peace of mind etc but above all, humans and in sports especially, we hunger and crave desperately for Success!

In fact just like our brothers risking life as they venture into greener pastures, we most hunger and crave one time or the other that boat ride into greener pastures. This craving and hunger for a better you is the key to our very existence and well being.lose it and you die!

In short if you are not hungry, you are inexistent especially in soccer and sports in general

   Legends Were & Are Still, Hungry

Ursain Bolt,The Williams sisters, Diego maradona,Pele,Bill Gates, Barrack Obama,George Weah,Abedi pele,Muda lawal, and the late Eusebio just to mention a few all knew hunger from the beginning till they succeeded and still do feel it! They all originated from poor and very hungry backgrounds.

This hunger was the force that carried them step by step and made the difference when they faced the inevitable adversities that they had to go over as they sought their way to success!

There is no way you can succeed in sports if you are not desperately hungry.

   Variations and Dimensions of Hunger

There are three major types of hunger and how they determine our success in Sports & life.

Abject Hunger: The dying cravings and need for sheer basic like offerings to survive. (Food,shelter,health,family) hunger that fuels us as we strive to break in ,earn a living via sports for example and exist that makes us persevere to keep trying, be creative enough  to outwit rivals and survive, put your head where the satiated would put their foot, all in the goal of survival.  This is the one, we, most third world countries are used to and think of daily!

This is the hunger we feel that obliges us to take these boats, flights etc into greener pastures with every risk possible to get a professional contract that provides food etc for us and Family

 Hunger For Sustainment: having broken away into the leagues, the hunger to continue to earn, not lose the acquired ground and continue to provide for themselves and their loved ones! hunger to hold on to what we have,so far!

Hunger for Perfection: what makes Cristiano Ronaldo,Samuel Eto’o,Yaya Toure,Lionel Messi,Ibrahimovic,Iniesta,Xavi etc still wake up every morning, sometimes in freezing climatic conditions and go out to train like mad? Surely they are financially assured and in some cases so are their siblings for generations?

It is simply that hunger to better what they have achieved and still be the ones who are in the headlines, set records, carry and inspire their race and the hunger to be remembered for generations.

Rewind back 1990,July 1st,armed with my life savings (50 dollars) I boarded a Swissair flight to Belgium via Zurich, kind of like my brothers and sisters above with the boats in Italy, armed with the hunger to survive and have food on my table.

Today each time I am able to put food on the table for my kids and extended family I cannot help but thank God for that hunger that existed in me 24 yrs ago, a hunger so huge that it made my give 150% of myself during the trials coupled most importantly with the Midas Touch that God blessed me with. Imagine if that hunger was not there then where one would be now?

                        How Hunger Is Our Dear Friend (My Take)

It is obvious from the above if you are not hungry, you are either dead or have started your regressive path towards the end.

However it is what we do with that hunger that defines us. If we get hungry enough to explore all legal options with full commitment, passion and conviction then we just found our best friend in Hunger!

We should be hungry enough to Pray! Hungry enough to do what the opposition is not ready to do, ready enough to train and seek perfection in your sport on a minute by minute basis. Hungry enough to not want to feel the hunger we felt yesterday, Hungry enough to settle for success and Nothing else.

I feel it doesn’t matter what happens to you in life (because like it or not, something will and must happen to us) what matters is what we do with what happens to us!

Apartheid happened to South Africa and (My Hero) Nelson “Madiba” Mandela, look at what he did with the hunger for freedom!

Desert heat and sand happened to The united Arab Emirates, look at what they made out of the hunger for better life: A Paradise holiday and business centre of the world, in 15 yrs!

We are capable of doing way more than we think, we just have to channel our Hunger in the right way and see hunger not as a detestable state, though a very uncomfortable one, but see it as a life motor if we channel it well in our life and Sport success search.

The Hunger to progress in life should be the hunger that should always remind us to pray and seek divine help and Thank God for what we have, no matter how small it may seem. Remember small for you, could definitely be big for someone else!




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  • Nathan Nyey says:

    Absolutely brilliant piece, and factual. I need to really appreciate this hunger as a best friend. All my naija brothers need to read and understand this.thank you

  • Shittu Daniel says:

    True this hunger i find strength to continue.God bless you for this piece of advice.

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