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premier-league-2015Many thought it would be business as usual for Chelsea as they took on Arsenal at the Wembley stadium for the Community Shield at the weekend, but it was everything but that. This encounter is intended to usher in the new season with the league champions taking on the FA Cup winners, and we were not disappointed.

Is this a signal as to what the entire season holds for us in the English premier league? Will Chelsea hold on to its title of champions or will Arsenal finally assume and confirm its potential? Will the Manchester’s (Man United and Manchester City) auto destruct again or wrestle back the trophy to the city of Manchester? The questions are endless.

These below, however is what I feel you should expect from the most spectacular league in the world: The English Premier League

An Arsenal Team Capable Of Winning

The purchase of Petr Cech by Arsenal could play a vital role in Arsenal winning the EPL after a seemingly eternal wait. His Height and reach, experience, Presence and excellent goal keeping qualities will definitely win Arsenal 9 points if not more. Expect a better Arsenal defence in set pieces but how they overall perform in this section will depend on the team’s compactness off the ball. This they did brilliantly vs. Chelsea to Win!

The Injection of Francis Coquelin in the midfield as a better holding midfielder should give Arsenal better stability and allow players like Alexis Sanchez and Alex Chamberlain to be more effective.

Manchester United Are likely to struggle again

With Angel Di Maria now gone, Man United have further lost speed up front and though some will erroneously blame the poor fella for last season’s misfortunes, I am convinced he was definitely not Man U’s problem.

You are as good as your point striker in the premier league and I am far from convinced the intended use of Wayne Rooney as point man by the ever changing Louis Van Gaal is not the best option.

Defensively Man U are not better off than last season and watching the preseason, further confirms the absence of a confirmed playing format which every top team builds up in Pre-season

Chelsea’s Title to lose

Forget that they lost the Community shield to a deserving Arsenal side, this Chelsea team has the best bunch of players in the premier league and will most likely be crowned champions again!

That said, this is dependent on the health of Diego Costa as we all saw Chelsea struggle towards the tail end of the season when he had injury problems. Once again vs. Arsenal, his absence saw Chelsea lack the necessary bite upfront though they dominated possession.

Loic Remy and ex man United Falcao are good players but totally different from what Costa or Drogba brings to the Jose Mourinho master plan .Don’t be surprised if he buys soon but just one problem, where do you find such a quality player willing to play second fiddle and warm the bench for a fit Costa?

Liverpool with a Deadly attack

The purchase of Benteke should have a huge impact on the premier league coupled with the rejuvenated midfield.

This player needs ball supply and the quality of players like Milner etc. is way better that-n what he is used to in Aston Villa with all due respect.

With The hammer hanging over Brendan Rodgers, expect a Liverpool that will be aggressive and chasing results from game one, the only problem I see is acclimatization of the new players with one another and how the team deals with the “after Gerard” era.

A Manchester City team Under Pressure

It is simple, if Man City under perform this season there will definitely be a change at the management level. This public knowledge is a nightmare for every manager and bad for a team full of stars.

This should make us see a struggling Manchester City if they do not start the season with results from day 1.

In summary the premier league is still going to be as spectacular if not more than the last season as the clubs have spent over 500 Million Pounds sterling on transfers so far and the hunger to depose Chelsea is burning hot.

Surprise teams like Southampton will find the premier league difficult this time out and I am not convinced Sunderland have done enough to not struggle again this year.

In other words, the fight for Championship as ever is going to be heated to say the least as teams will find champion’s league spots quite expensive this year whilst the relegation battle will be on from day one.

You ready for the premiership roller coaster ride 2015/2016? Turn On the television!

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  • Nonso Abejegah says:

    Nice write-up!!Chelsea for life!!

  • Rob van Noort says:

    Dear Sunny,
    Congratulations ! This is a breakthrough. How do you organize your professional life, partly
    in Nigeria and Belgium ? Are you planning to have a trainingcamp in holland with your
    selection one of these days ? Let me know and I`ll be there.

    Please give our warmest regards to your family
    Rob & Foekje

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