From “Unwanted” to the most expensive player in the world?

bale2009 was a horrible year for Gareth Bale! He had lost his starting place in Tottenham Hotspurs and in fact was close to being shipped off to Birmingham, yes you heard it right, Birmingham that were at the time heading for the Championships. The English Second Division!

 Today, August 2013, he is on the brink of becoming the most expensive player ever in the history of football as Real Madrid is reportedly set on paying a certain £100 Million for this phenomenal player . Who says Football is Mathematics or predictable?

As Gareth Bale refused to travel with Tottenham to a high profile friendly Vs Monaco over the weekend (Monaco won 5-2) he triggered what the sport world had been suspecting and talked about for weeks : Bale’s impending transfer to Real Madrid is at hand as he fears injury!



Welsh Born Gareth Bale is 24 years old, father of one and till date one of the best ever exports to come out of Wales, lightening fast on and off the ball and scores loads of goals for club and Country.

Originally arrived Tottenham from Southampton in 2007 as a talented Defender . As at 2009 he was considered surplus to  requirements and in fact at the start of his Tottenham adventure played in 24 games without ever being on the winning side.

It must however be noted that at the time, Gareth Bale played as a defender (Left Full Back)

 Deemed by many journalists to be a downright flop and his transfer questioned. Bet they are chewing their words now!

A player who self proclaimed that he owes everything to his father’s support and perseverance comes in at an impressive 1m 86 Meters in height but taller in prospects!

                Strong Points

Speed! Speed!! Speed!!! Full of it. He practically tore an Inter Milan defense apart in the 2010 champions league campaign by Tottenham as he scored Three goals at the Giuseppe Meazza stadium in Milan to usher in his European Credentials.

He scores loads of goals and is quite deadly in set pieces and in collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo could be deadly for Real Madrid opponents

Personally I think he is a good dribbler and solid asset to any team in the world!

He is tall, clairvoyant, an easy going fella as testified by his Tottenham Hotspurs team mates.

He is very skillful on the ball in the mold of George Best and Ryan Giggs in One and gives all kinds of options to any creative coach.


        Possible Obstacles

Should this deal materialize at the estimated £100 million price tag how will he cope with the pressure that will come with this in a foreign land (Spain) facing dire financial crisis and unemployment at record levels.

Arsene Wenger Of Arsenal has already jumped the gun and called this projected transfer as a “Joke” and  “the special one” Jose Mourinho Of Chelsea has also warned Bale of the intense pressure to justify his price tag if Madrid manage to complete this record breaking world-record transfer.

How will he be accommodated in a Star “Galactic” climate and the Superstar status in this team will there be enough space for two space seeking superstars to perform?that he has to assume with it?

Gareth needs space to put into evidence his pace and lightening playing style, but with Cristiano Ronaldo

Most especially when opponents will pack defenses against Real Madrid and offer them little space to perform.


      Why I am optimistic

Should Bale Move to Real Madrid he will be collaborating with one of the best Managers ever in managing and letting co-exist superstars to flourish in person of Carlo Ancellotti!

Ancellotti most definitely will try to create an environment and playing style that will accommodate Gareth Bale ,Ronaldo and all the other Real Madrid stars to produce results! This he has done quite well in AC Milan,Chelsea,Paris Saint Germain and why should we expect different results in Madrid!

At his age,4 Bale is still young and still adaptable to a passing game of football played in Spain!

Most Importantly, if he is bought for such an astronomic price, we should be rest assured that all possible will be done by all concerned to make this  a success, we wish him well!


      My Technical Take

His success (should the transfer fall through) will depend on his ability to just concentrate on football, keep a deaf ear to all outside the pitch and let his enormous talent speak for him. Madrid is known for off the pitch distractions!

His acquisition in my opinion will even make Cristiano Ronaldo even more effective and free him up to score more goals and have someone else share the burden he has borne all alone since his record transfer to Madrid.

With Bale on the left side, hopefully Ronaldo will have more freedom to roam around on the pitch and not just be limited to the left side attack, opponents will now have two real threats up front from Madrid to worry about, this can only be good for Madrid.

A combination of the other players now accepting to sacrifice their offensive ambitions to carry these two players will make Madrid a force to reckon with.

Can’t wait for the season to kick off. Can You?

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