Best Football Club In The World?


bayern-logoDeloite World money report ranks it as the 3rd Richest club in the world, but when One considers its “real” assets and debts to the outside world, it virtually, is the richest club in the world!

Bayern Munich is Germany’s most decorated club and by far the club to beat. Last season it set an unprecedented treble record in Germany winning the National League and Cup in style, crowned it with the European Champions League and most thought it had reached its pinnacle and next was to be a downward slide.

That looked to be the case as it lost the season opener German super cup to Rivals Borussia Dortmund but no way! Ever Since, it is yet to lose to any German side setting and breaking almost every record and lost its first game in a relatively inconsequential Champions league Encounter to Manchester City.

Some Breathtaking Statistics

Bundesliga: Undefeated,Won 22 Games,Drew 2. Scored 72 goals and conceded 11.

Champions League: 7 Games,6 wins 1 Loss,19 goals scored and 5 conceded.

German Cup: 4 Games,16 Goals scored and 1 Conceded!

In December 2013,it won the world club cup in Morocco, and today,3 months to the end of the German season they have practically all but sealed the national league by a 20 points lead over second placed Borussia Dortmund!

All the above is impressive but is that enough for them to lay claim to being the best club in the world? If yes, how did they achieve this?

Never Sell Their Best, But seek to acquire the best “Team” Players.

Be it Player, Coach or manager ,if you are considered one of Bayern’s best they will do everything to keep you happy and hold on to you. Frank Ribery,Arjen Roebben,Schweinsteiger,Lahm etc have all had offers from suitors flatly turned down by Bayern Munich.

At the same moment they are aggressive in acquiring the best from the ever competitive Bundesliga off Rivals. As impressive as they were last season, they still went on ahead to acquire the services of German wonder kid Mario Götze off Champions league finalists Dortmund and Thiago Alcântara from Barcelona having acquired the year before Dante off rivals Monchengladbach.

As we share thoughts they have just added to their roaster for the coming season the services of Robert Lewandowski,current Bundesliga top scorer from … Dortmund! and they are not done yet, though they are currently top everywhere!

Professionally Effective Management

Like Typical Germans, Bayern is meticulously managed with an exceptional management system. Well organised, run by not just qualified managers or business men, but qualified and exceptional ex-footballers of the club. Karl Heinz Rummenigge,Franz Beckebauer,Uli Hoeness just to name a few. World powerhouses!

Exceptional Fan base & Infrastructure

Bayern Munich averages 71,000 fans each home game and everywhere they go are crowd pullers with a relatively respectable fan base with a certain good living standard that stands out! Did I hear you say “blue collar” fan base?

That Fan Base with the quality of football this “Guardiola version” of Bayern Munich brings to the stage week in week out is taking that fan base world wide in an unprecedented manner!

The Allianz Arena (Bayern’s Stadium) is one of the most modern stadiums ever built in the world!

World class football With the best Coach in the world?

Out goes treble winning Jupp Heynckes and In comes Josep Guardiola and the football just got more than better and “sexy” as the Legendary Ruud Gullit would say!

Unless you are a diehard enemy of Bayern Munich you would readily agree that they play arguably the best football at the moment. Average 68% ball possession and score goals at will with full domination of all aspects of the game with fingerprints of Guardiola all over the team!

Quick passing, synchronised movements, pressing football, flank play, through the middle play, concede goals rarely and just leave the fans with dropped jaws from 1st till the 90th minute.

As far as I am concerned they have the best coach in the world and play the best football!

Brand, sponsors and Financial Might

Lufthansa Airlines,Adidas,Audi,Coca Cola, Allianz Insurance just to mention a few of the “Gigantic” sponsors of this now global brand called Bayern Munich. Unlike most near bankrupt run world club Giants, Bayern has a clearer financial state and future prospects . Clean money guaranteed!

Finally a football club is supposed to play football, it’s a team sport that not and if you play the best football and have prospect to continue doing so in the future you should be classed as the best Club.

Though playing “collective” team based football they were able to produce the year’s third best player in the world in Frank Ribery, Best Coach In Juup Heynckes and best team, they definitely can very arguably lay claim to being the best club in the world!



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