Will they qualify or go home? What they should do!

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South Africa and this year’s Cinderella dream team,Cape Verde qualified for is year’s 2013 African Cup of Nations Quarter finals, in a thrilling and dramatic manner.
As at 5 minutes to the end we did not know who would go through and boy how they celebrated as the curtains came crashing down!
Here are the upcoming last group games and what they have to do to go through!

Monday 28th Jan 2013 Group B
Niger Vs Ghana.

Niger need a little miracle to qualify,with 1 point off two games they need to beat group favourites Ghana to sail through. They need to play physical, and take their chances when they get free kicks and set plays.
From open play Ghana will dominate and the Ghanians have to be patient but aggressive in the goal area of the Niger team.

DR Of Congo Vs Mali
This is the fireworks game of the group. Congo need to stop dreaming in front of Goal and be deadlier when they have the chances to score. A draw is not good enough and hence they need to attack from word go whilst not forgetting to defend.
Mali need to be patient and seal the defence,a draw will see them qualify and with seydu Keita in the team they have to creatively and accurately counter attack to win!

Tuesday 29th January, Group C
Burkina Faso vs. Zambia.

The in form team of the group take on Defending champions! Zambia have no choice but to go all out for a win and try to force out errors from the defence of their opponents. A draw might not be enough and they have no choice but to wrestle out a 3 points result here!
Burkina Faso needing a draw to secure qualification need to attract the Zambians in.They need to encourage them to attack and with the in form strikers in Petroipa and Traore hey should seek to exploit the space the Zambian defence will definitely offer. Promises to be a spectacular game

Nigeria Vs Ethiopia.
The impressive but a bit disappointed Ethiopians need a high scoring win to maybe qualify and they were quite unlucky to be at the bottom of the group now!
They need to play their usual football of ball possession and pressing to carry the day since they have nothing to lose and hope Nigeria will falter!
Nigeria has to bring into play total physical football. This is not a game of calculations,only a win will do and a convincing one at that. Quick counter attacking is a must and a brutal finishing instinct in front of Goal is key to qualification!

Wednesday January 29th Group D
Algeria vs Ivory Coast

Algeria is out and Ivory Coast are sure to qualify as group winners! Should be a game of reserves to give some playing time to players on the bench and build team spirit for The Ivorians.
The Algerians however need to salvage some pride and go out if possible by beating the favourites to the title,Ivory Coast!

Togo Vs Tunisia
This is the do or die game in this group. Both teams have no choice but to attack from the first whistle.
The 2013 Afcon is now fully in full Gear!

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  • yismalem says:

    It’s going to be a tough game to all in Group C. Burkina Faso has relatively a better chance as draw could see them Qualify.

    It’s a make or break for Nigeria and Zambia. I still expect my beloved country Ethiopia will give all sort of problems to the SUPER EAGLES hoping the inform Burkinabes to win Chipolopolo.

    Regardles of the outcome, i would be celebrating the results of my “Walya Antelopes” of Ethiopia.

    For the last 3 decades we have been tired of celebrating at Nigerian,Ghanian, Cameroonian champ; Ivory Coast Embasies in Addis.

    As African we have been supporting these teams when they represented us in the world cup and we are proud of them for their hard work to change the image of Africa.

    This time around we have something to cheer about, we have Our own flag in our hands. I hoped for decorating my face on bold Green ,yelow & Red colors and that dream came true. It came true for the first time in my life and it’s because some people have worked hard tirlessly to make this happen. Am thankfull to the coach and the players.

    I hope tomorrow will definately be a better day for the Ethiopian Football. I am also equally thankful to Sunday Oliseh for the good words you had to the Ethiopian side. I hope one day you will coach us.
    When we lost to Burkina Faso, i felt we let you dawn but Football is like that.

    We witnessed ARSENAL lose to Man. Utd 8-2 and Man. Utd Conceded 6 against ManCity. No one expected that to happen from a game of that calibre.

    I hope we will take the positives fom the game and learn from our mistakes.

    As coach Sewnet rightly said this Tournament meant for learning from the big boys at the big stage and that’s it.

    We are leading in the World Cup qualifier and if my Walya boys do it again , I promise to support them in Brazil. Ofcourse, no vuvuzales!!

    Am proud of Fuad Ibrahim(Ethiopia) and Victor Moses(Nigeria) for snubing USA and ENGLANG to represent their country. Good job boys!!!


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