Why World Cup 2018 Is Worrisome But Awesome.

table-2018If there is one thing most people had an 80% chance of predicting near correctly in the past, it was the results of the first-round matches at the FIFA World cups.

Occasionally we had some surprises like France eliminated at the first round in 2002 as defending champions, Spain in 2014, Argentina stunned by Cameroun at Italia 1990 etc but not so frequent like the 2018 adventure in Russia.

Never has a German side ever been eliminated at the Group stages in our lifetime, unless you are above 80 years old. Yesterday I watched as my German friends panicked and came just minutes to experiencing that, though the prospects of “it” still happening is still there. How did the 2014 defending champions come to this?

Argentina, after 2 played group games are last in group D with two games played, in a group where we have African Giants Nigeria, Iceland and Croatia. Who could have thought this possible from an Argentine team that not only boasts of world stars like Kùn Aguero, Dybala, Mascherano and arguably one of the best players of all time, Lionel Messi?

Many are scared that at this rate, we could have a Semi-Final of first timers and elimination of some super powers of football at the early stage.

Many have tried to justify this by all kinds of excuses: some say it’s because of the host nation (venues), others say star players are tired, some argue it is a fix etc

For whatever reason it could be, one thing is for sure, neutral fans are loving the spectacle and drama in Russia.

The erstwhile underdogs no longer see themselves as that. Iceland are a good example the way they have played so far. Croatia practically crushed the out of sought Argentina without complex. Iran showed Spain that but for ill luck and VAR (video refereeing) Spain also would be thinking of the probability of soon packing their bags.

First timers Panama, held talented Belgium for one half before conceding, Brazil found out that it needs more than just big names to beat relatively minnows like Switzerland and costa Rica, earning 4 points from 6 and still stand a chance of elimination.

Cristiano Ronaldo is looking almost certain of winning the Ballon D’or 2018 and maybe a new contract with Real madrid. What a legendary player.

Mexico is a team after people’s hearts with its tactical discipline, team Geist, temperament and hunger to succeed. Love watching them play.

I have been delighted with exceptional exploits, tactics and talent of Croatia, Belgium, Russia, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal and Senegal.

I believe that to understand the above, it is important to take note of how almost every team behaves without the ball and on the ball, especially Mexico, most of the teams that have shocked their opponents have been way better organised than in the past and are putting their hopes and aspirations on the team and not only on individual stars. Could that be why Argentina and Brazil are struggling? Let us know what you think.


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