Why Manchester United Could Still Struggle though José Mourinho’s Gone.

Manchester United are one of the most successful clubs in Europe in terms of trophies won and Sir Alex Ferguson is arguably the best manager to ever coach Manchester united and is definitely one of the best managers of all times.

However very few are aware that after taking over at relegation threatened Manchester United in 1986, Sir Ferguson was believed to be facing the sack himself and the replayed FA Cup victory in 1990 saved Ferguson’s job at Manchester United.

The rest is history as he went on to win the much-converted premier league Title for a record 13 times!

Sir Alex Ferguson had excelled in his native Scotland coaching Aberdeen prior to managing Manchester United where he not only enjoyed national success but won the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1982–83 and the European Super Cup 1983.

During Sir Fergusson’s tenure as manager of Manchester United, they were by far the Richest club in England and played arguably the best football. That is no longer the case today!

During the 90’s when I arrived Europe as a young ambitious professional soccer player, we all knew that the most prestigious league to play in and had the best players in the world was, the Italian Serie A League.

The league was tougher, it paid best and the best players had to play there to be considered as part of the best in the world. E.g Diego Maradona,Marco Van Basten,Ruud Gullit,Enzo scifo,Lothar Matheus ,Jurgen Klinsmann of  Germany etc

Players who were surplus to requirement in the Serie A Italian league and wanted to continue earning relatively well mostly went to England where the pound sterling was strong and the demands were relatively lighter.

Manchester United had the first pick in recruiting best players growing in the league and in the U.K in general and could attract top European talents by its huge financial wealth advantage and near guarantee of European football every year.

Sir Ferguson was not only a legendary coach but a very smart one! He left as the tide changed.

With the arrival of Russian Multi Billionaire Roman Abrahamovic, as owner of Chelsea and eventually others, Manchester United immediately did not only stop being the richest and most attractive club to play for in England, but it no longer had the first pick of players in or coming into England.

All of a sudden Manchester United’s habit of winning the league every year was disturbed.

Most of the clubs in England prior to 2004 had English coaches who practically revered Manchester United and Sir Ferguson to the point of arguably having a losing complex towards the club and its manager.

Furthermore, Sir Fergusson proved to be a much better coach than his peers at the time too!

After Sir Fergusson’s exit from Man. United in 2013, the club has had 4 managers in: David Moyes, Ryan Giggs, Louis van Gaal and José Mourinho. These coaches in 5 years are reported to have spent over 1 billion Euros in player acquisitions and have failed to win one Premier League title!

The premier league now boasts of some of the utmost best managers in the world: Pep Guardiola, Mauricio Pochettino, Unai Emery and Jurgen Klopp just to name a few and their respective teams are playing at a very high level filled with their fingerprints and they are Hungry for trophies Managers!

More premier league clubs are flowing with huge monetary investments today unlike before and therefore Man. United are no longer the richest by a mile. The competition for the richest is huge!

Football is now scientific and to compete managers have to provide their players with the right tools to be champions, you can no longer just parade the best players to win, you need to have the best “team” play and philosophy to be top! Team play comes from quality coaching. The above-mentioned coaches all have this capacity in abundance!


To play at the level like the 1st 5 teams on the English premier league table today, Manchester United in my Opinion rightfully need changes and it is not going to be cheap. In fact it risks being extremely expensive.

The current players at Man. United were assembled by the last 4 aforementioned managers of Manchester United. The next incoming coach most probably will not have the same philosophies like his predecessors. Offloading of the current surplus to requirement players would not be cheap, easy to carry out and time consuming.

Most of the best coaches in the world today currently are under contract except for a relative few.

Many of my family members, in-laws, nephews etc are fanatical fans, we really do wish them well in their search for renewed greatness, but the task at hand is a difficult one and patience will be needed.

The Premier league, in my opinion, has never been so fascinating!!

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  • Anthony Akande says:

    Hello Capt!,

    I usually don’t leave comments or read blogs, but I had to come to your website today after coming across your TEDex talk on youtube. I must say I am truly impressed! The only memory I have of you was scoring the goal against Spain and how you managed the Nigerian midfield during Olympic 96 winning campaign. However, after watching your presentation and reading this, I see there is a lot more about you than the average Nigerian knows. Like you I was a scholar athlete and I went to the best school (Loyola Jesuit College) in Nigeria at my time. Finished as Head Boy and represented the school in both almost every sport. Be it basketball, football, volleyball, 4 by 400 or 4 by 100 meter races, etc. However, unlike you, I had to choose between full scholarship to school in America or go represent Nigeria in junior olympics. Of course my parents urged me to go to school and study medicine. Well the rest is history. Thank you for your story and I am glad your choice worked out well for you. Part of my still regrets the decision as I loved sports and I was good at it. I was tall, ran 100 meters under 10 seconds, I use both feet and I had a knack for scoring. I look forward to following your page and reading more about you. Thanks for your great service to Nigeria.

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