Why John Terry is Still In Trouble!

What constitutes racial Verbal abuse? …Any verbal abuse aimed at any other fellow human being, that entails the use in a negative way of his or her skin colour is racial abuse! Simple and should not be condoned!

 So if I were to say to a Chinese fella ‘you little yellow piece of….. whatever’ I am racially abusing the fella!

 An English court just found John Terry not Guilty of verbally racially abusing Anton Ferdinand when he called him a ‘Fucking black cunt’ during a match on October 23rd last year (2011).

 For those who are unaware, Anton Ferdinand is reported to have teased Terry on his alleged sleeping with a fellow team mate’s and friend’s wife, and in retaliation, obviously to hurt Ferdinand, Terry responded with the above statement.

 Get me right from the onset, I am not implying that John Terry is a racist, but the words he used were universally a racist verbal abuse as far as am concerned!

 I have been asked why do blacks take it personal when their black colour is highlighted in an abuse? For starters please read What Garth Crooks has to say:

 Garth Crooks, a trustee of the Kick It Out foundation and former chairman of the PFA believes that the affair is far from over as he writes in The Guardian: “He’s still under investigation by the FA based on what he’s admitted – saying those words. I’m afraid for John Terry this is only half-time. This is not over…. What football fails to realize is that there is an entire generation of black players who feel the game has failed them. They will not stand for abuse, from either players or fans, any longer. If the Football Association does nothing, on the evidence it already has, then the impact on the game will reverberate for years to come.”


The Guardian’s Daniel Taylor sees the affair as evidence that football sees itself as separate from normal life: “Had it been a guy in the office, or someone in the crowd, it would have been a straightforward sacking or lifetime ban. Yet Chelsea always stuck by Terry, the man whose contribution to the club is recognized by the ‘Captain, Leader, and Legend? banner that permanently hangs from their Stamford Bridge ground… Never before has a court case gone into such forensic examination of what really happens during an elite-level match and when it was all laid bare the bottom line is that it was embarrassing, damaging and, very often, excruciating. Terry may consider it a victory of sorts, but the sport as a whole has suffered grievous damage.”

    However this next comment also caught my eye and I would like to share it with you.

Daily Mail columnist Des Kelly takes a different line, lamenting the fact that the proceedings went ahead at all given that the evidence available was clearly certain to fall short of the standard of proof required in court: “The only individual that should have faced a legal inquisition this week was the deluded soul high up in the Crown Prosecution Service who looked at the available ‘evidence’ and somehow decided this exhibition of football’s potty-mouthed, dim-witted idiocy was worth dragging into court. What a disgraceful farce it was. Scanning through each day’s account from Westminster was a sordid, asterisk-strewn game of sweary hangman. It was an embarrassment for the footballers concerned and, moreover, for the game itself.”

Need we say more?



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