Is This Why Chelsea’s Flight is dragging?

Chelsea-FligtChelsea’s defeat for a second time in three months at the hands of relatively modest Basel in the champions league this week poses more questions than it answers!

By all standards this a star studded team worth fearing: The manager/coach is a world known face and achiever who needs no introduction, the players are world standard on paper but for one reason or the other (though near the top of the English Premier league table and currently topping its champions league group by a point) it has not really been convincing or consistent!

   Most thought with the return of the special one and the retirement of Sir alex Ferguson from Man. United it would be a dominant return and walk in the park by Mourinho’s Chelsea, but rather it’s been far from that! WHY?


         Re-Marriage To An EX-Wife Is Always A Drag.

Jose ‘the special One’s return to Chelsea is the second coming and collaboration with the fans and exigent Chelsea owner Roman Abrahamovic.

Unlike the first coming when everything was new, full of spark and Mourinho was the first choice coach etc, this time around it is no secret anymore that Pep Guardiola was the first choice and his decision to go elsewhere opened the gates for Mourinho’s return.

The reuniting with ex players he left behind were definitely going to have its drag hence could explain the dilemma.

This is not necessarily a bad thing but it takes away the sting that is needed to be all conquering and consistent just as a second marriage to a wife is not so spark full unlike that to a new bride!


              Surprise Factor Is Gone

These days when Jose Mourinho tries to provoke polemics with other coaches ,fans or officials they just wave it off and do not take the distracting jabs seriously and go about their work.

This was really effective in the past and helped Chelsea players operate without much criticisms whilst the players wrecked havoc on opponents on the pitch.

These days several players have come under the wrath of the press etc more than before! Now they seem to be the distracted ones!

Counter attacking football,negative play at times that was coupled with some great play at times by Chelsea under this manager is no longer a surprise for opponents and they are well ready for it and the way Basel countered this tactic with group defending etc was quite remarkable and worth noting.

Imagine In this 90 minutes champions league encounter Chelsea barely got a shot at Goal. Shows how well they were contained!


The Old Guard Is showing signs of Ageing as we all will eventually!

Chelsea has some exceptional leading players who have served this team in the past with flying colours, but to be dominant in today’s top level football one must be able to perform at his best every other day and that is where youth is an advantage.

More than  3 players over age 30 in a team of 11 players is never an advantage for consistency!



Reading this one might be tempted to think that Chelsea do not have a chance to win the Premier league this year, don’t be deceived ,they are title favourites especially for the premier league,

where they will really struggle will definitely be the champions league where the demands I feel they might come short!

The flight might be dragging its tyres to fly but it might eventually just get them there!

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