Why Guardiola’s Move To EPL Could Spell Danger!


It’s the talk, Speculation and Rumour of the moment that, if true, could impact the English premier league in an unprecedented manner. Pep Guardiola could be moving on from Bayern Munich to Manchester City!

Manchester City is experiencing a disappointing season by their standards and it’s been weeks of speculation on almost everything linked to Manchester City from Players to the manager, Manuel Pellegrini.

Reports that Guardiola could have reached a verbal agreement to coach Manchester City have sparked up the social media, especially in Germany.

Guardiola for a 2nd consecutive year is crowned German Bundesliga champions but got a rare trashing by Lionel Messi’s led Barcelona 3-0 in its champions league Semi-finals first leg.

It is not just this defeat that has tongues wagging as regards the future of Guardiola at Bayern Munich but Though Winning the cup and league titles last year Guardiola’s Bayern were criticised, insanely, for not winning the Champions league as they crashed out to eventual champions Real Madrid at the semi-finals stage.

Recently based on the slow recovery of indispensable strikers Frank Ribery and Arjen Roebben fallout occurred with the long term serving Doctor of Bayern Munich, Doctor Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt, which led the latter to resign and reveal a crack in the Munich Household.

To put it shortly, Guardiola is highly contested in Bayern Munich and Manchester City could be an honourable ticket to higher heights. What are its Implications for the EPL?


Renewed Rivalry with Jose Mourinho:

If there is one manager who hates Guardiola with a passion it is Jose Mourinho from their Spanish league days.
If there is one manager who has dealt the most humiliating defeats to a Mourinho side, it is Pep Guardiola.

These are two managers who see football from clearly opposite directions but share one thing in common: they are obsessed with winning titles. Unfortunately there can be only one champion.

This would be great for the English Premier league and could have a multiplier effect on the country as a whole.


Exit of Key Players From Man City

Guardiola and Yaya Toure never got along at Barcelona and eventually the former sold Toure to City to make way for Spanish international, Sergio Busquets.

Should Guardiola come to City, it is most foreseeable that Yaya Toure leaves! Who knows, maybe this is why Yaya‘s Manager declared recently that for 90% Toure was set to leave Man city.

Several players at City would not fit into Guardiola’s passing football philosophy and required discipline, so an off loading would be imminent!


Get Ready For Quality Passing Football And Domination.

Like Guardiola or not he is probably the most talented Coach in circulation and he has proven that he has the means to improve what many see as being perfect. Who could have thought that the treble winning Bayern Munich under Jupp Heynckes (2013) could be improved upon? Well he not only achieved that, but did it in style.

Should he head to Man. City that will happen and this will be a threat to the domination of Chelsea, man. United though Jose Mourinho will beg to Disagree!


Football Press Set To Become More Scandalous!

With Louis Van Gaal, José Mourinho, Arsene Wenger, Brendnan Rodgers and an Eventual Pep Guardiola in the English Premier league, the English press will have a field day of Quotations to sell newspapers on a daily basis.

Be rest assured, Mourinho will incessantly take the fight to his favourite enemy Guardiola and in a smaller margin Wenger and should the latter two decide to team up and ignore or respond imagine how the scenario will be!

All the above is however based on the assumption that Guardiola will be allowed to leave Bayern for Man city. But with new reports of the mid-week touchline burst up with star player Thomas Müller at Barcelona making headlines, past criticisms from club Legend Franz Beckenbauer and recent fallout with legendary club doctor, this could be a reality!

The seeming unending discontent and Comparisons with the treble winning season under Heynckes bordering on greed, that sees Germans no longer satiated with just the Bundesliga league title but see Guardiola as a success only if he wins it all, An exit to Manchester City, where as a manager, he will enjoy more freedom and a new motivation, do not be surprised if Guardiola is England Bound.

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Personally I hope this happens as it will be great for the quality and intensity of the English Premier League. Remember,there is no smoke without Fire.


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  • The ambitions of Man City mean that Pep’s honeymoon period will last only as long as there is instant success. Remember that Man City are also limited by the fair play rule as to how much player investment they can make in the coming season.
    There is also the elephant in the room like you mentioned; JM at Chelsea. In England, (the most competitive league in Europe) there will also be VG at United who is desperate to win the league, AW at Arsenal who look like they are ambitious again for the title.
    I agree with you that it will be most intriguing were PG to come to the EPL. But I believe that he would find it the most intense and difficult project in his impressive career. He could quite easily win nothing and be sacked in a few years. And he will not be the first coach to have had a crash land in the blue sector of Manchester
    Best Wishes S.O.

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