Cristiano Ronaldo, The man some love to hate

“Are there still worthy superlatives to qualify this “Alien” of a footballer in Cristiano Ronaldo? Juventus qualifies thanks to his 3 goals & an exceptional well prepared team work vs A. Madrid. CR7 is Unbelievable. 34 years old & still arguably the world’s best? Phenomenal !!”…

After my above tweet yesterday,I got so many requests to help explain the myth: Cristiano Ronaldo.

Why is Cristiano Ronaldo loved or despised by most people ?. Some call him arrogant, self centered, superstar, phenomenon, egoist, etc the list is endless.

In understanding Ronaldo, it is important to objectively access the man and the Legend!

The first time I saw Ronaldo play, he was wearing the Manchester united colours. I was struck with immediate curiosity and surprise, at the same time presence of so much talent and so much exaggerations of skill and tricks display.

Ronaldo is Portuguese, just like:  Jose Mourinho, Luis Figo, Nani, Abel Xavier, Ricardo Quaresma, etc a closer look at these other names will show you a common behavioural and costumed trait in the accepted ways of being, that the Portuguese cherish and abide by. Traits that many seem to wrongfully describe as being wrong because it may not be their custom or taste!

At age 18 (2003) Cristiano Ronaldo became a Manchester united player, under sir Alex Fergusson. He left the club in 2009 for Real Madrid, but not before having led the team to several English Premier league titles, champions league and 1 champions league final, lost to Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona.

At Man. United he game was full of individual dribbling runs, goals, started often from his own half of the pitch, littered his team mates with titles, assists and his game carried so many other players to stardom. One of the most prominent ones who benefited and rode on his wings to world stardom was Wayne Rooney!

He played with so much energy, instinct and power shots that he practically invented a special kicking style to free kicks.

One thing most people do not know is that whilst at Manchester united, he worked harder than any other team mate on the training pitch and Gym. Sometimes to the point of exhaustion!

Like him or not, you must agree that Ronaldo is better looking than the average guy on the street. Some actually say that they believe some guys (not all) who don’t like Ronaldo, do so because their girlfriends find him good looking with his 6 pack abdominals etc which they don’t have.

He left Man. United to Real Madrid by 2009 and won several Spanish, national league and cup trophies, plus 4 champions league titles, the last three in a Row!

He is 34 years old and a five-time record winner of The FIFA Ballon D’or (best player in the world trophy). Don’t count him out on winning a 6th Ballon D’or before retirement. In fact, after yesterday’s performance, he is a top candidate.

Ronaldo is European champion with Portugal, thereby becoming part of a rare breed of world superstars, who not only lead their club sides to trophies, but also their Country.

Ronaldo was named the best Portuguese player of all time by the Portuguese Football Federation in 2015…. the list of records is endless


What makes Ronaldo Different from the rest?

Ronaldo trains harder than most other players. This explains why he is rarely injured and at his best during important competitions or tournaments.

His lack of tattoos due to his selfless desire to always donate blood to others in need, shows that he has a good heart!

Ronaldo is blessed with kids, a lovely Fiancée, a sweet and adorable mother and need I say he is financially secure?

To better understand Ronaldo, we have to accept that we all cannot be the same. Our childhood and challenges define who we are as adults or human beings.

Furthermore, he is a footballer not a priest!

He grew up in poverty, in Portugal, with a single mother and his playing style says it all: It’s all about hard work and non-stop repetitions, not just instinctive play but intelligent play.

I was once blessed and opportuned to be in Zurich at the FIFA ballon D’or event where he won. What struck me the whole evening was how shy he was off camera, clinging on to the hands of his girlfriend as if in need of some form of support or reassurance and the honest tears he shed when he was pronounced winner, like a kid!

People say he is arrogant. Well if I may share with you some hard truth: to be arrogant you have to earn it by hard work, success and belief in God. The man has and shows all this, if he is not arrogant in football, who else has the right to be?

Please don’t misunderstand my defence of the young man as an endorsement of arrogance as a good thing, I am only saying that we can afford to ignore his seemingly arrogant nature and appreciate the other good he has, no man is perfect!

As long as he can continue giving us all thrills like he did yesterday, as he led Juventus to a spectacular win over Atletico Madrid, I hope he continues playing, just like Roger Federer is doing in Tennis.

These two actually are like Red wine: the older they get, the better they are valued!





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