Why Africa Must Act Now Or…

Africa's-time-to-actWorld football landscape is facing terrible turbulent times and what shape the future world football will be in is anyone’s guess.

This brief today is not to delve into corruption charges or whatever but to look at the situation at hand,how it affects Africa as a people and how to assure Africa’s place in the future.
It is no secret that the balance of who rules World football lies not in the hands of Europeans as they painfully realise, but in the hands of Africans and Asians!

These two continents together make up for over half of the 209 votes available to the FIFA general assembly that deceides who rules as President.
Africa has long been marginalised and it is clear that a lot is due to our doing or lack of it,this just has to change and the opportunity to effect that has presented itself.
I feel for decades the world cup was called a world cup without real ceredibility.How could countries claim to have been world champions prior to 1974 when Africa had no representatives at the world cup, as Zaire emerged only in 1974 Germany.

This fact is ever minutely present now as, how could we continue with any real change in the structure of World football if there is no equitable distribution of it’s management that includes African and Asuian involvement.
Europe as a continent is clamouring for more control of FIFA (as if it is not present enough)
The world has a population of over 7 billion people,Europe accounts for 743 million of it, Africa?  1.17 Billion, Asia? 4.38 bilion people, the America’s & Caribean?  991 Million people just to mention the most important.

In a democratic world,absence of Asia and Africa from leadership in major matters of world football is actually establishing a Rule by the Minority!
The proposed change in the constitution by outgoing President Sepp Blatter to democratise decisions by allowing the General assembly make more decisions by one country one vote is much welcomed by Africans.
In a world cup of 32 Nations, Africa sends 5 representatives and the only time it sent six (South Africa 2010) we were one penalty shot away from the semi-finals, Europe with it’s almost half population of Africa sent in 13 representatives at 2010 and had 2 of them at the finals won by Spain Vs. the Netherlands.
This piece is in no way aimed at attacking the European domination but aimed at getting us to demand for more involvement,bigger quotas and a bigger cut of the cake as we are the second most populated continent in the world!
There has never been a better time than now, to clamour for this as whoever is to become the successor to President Blatter (as he has chosen to step down in December 2015) needs us to be crowned and we in turn need guarantees that we would not be marginalised.
Africa hosted it’s 1st and only World cup in 2010,Asia got their only world cup in 2002 but in all fairness,it is called a world football and not European or African football, it needs a world equitable feel about it and Africa needs to act now or face conti ued if not deeper marginalisation and pray for the next hurricane,which might not come again in our lifetime.

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  • Gabriel says:

    I am really disappointed when you introduce yourself as Sunday Oguchukwi Olise yet you are not an igbo man so you place yourself as a slave name in this modern world your a victim of British divide and rule what a shame that you did not find out that your marginalized even Igbanke people that was fprced to Edo states knows they’re igbos until you wake up from this deep sleep your into your children children remain a slave in Nigeria

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