What makes Manchester City & Liverpool “simply the Best”.

This is turning out to be probably the most exciting English Premier league contest in decades, if not ever. Leading the pack is Manchester City and Liverpool.

Manchester City in a majestic way just disposed of talented title hopeful, Chelsea by 6-0. This is the worst defeat ever inflicted on Chelsea since the Roman Abrahamovic era!

With Liverpool dispatching of Bournemouth 3-0 yesterday many are asking: what makes these two title favourites, Liverpool and Man. City stand out from the rest!

Two teams with 2 different playing styles are giving the football world so much thrilling excitement every weekend!

Today we take a look at the -5-star reasons why they are just great:

  1. MONEY

Financially Manchester City can afford to buy almost any player they pick an interest in. Liverpool showed this season they have also very deep pockets. Enough to splash out a reported world record 72.5 million euros for a goalkeeper: Brazilian international Goal keeper, Alisson from AS Roma.

They can afford to have every tool needed or requested to be excellent


  1. COACH

In Pep Guardiola and Jürgen Klopp, the Reds and the sky blues have arguably 2 members of the world’s best 5 coaches under their payroll.

Totally different playing and football animation philosophies, but with one glaring similarity: programmed to win and Losing is not an option.

Klopp is all about what he calls the “Gegen Pressing” football. German for, kind of counter pressing. His philosophy demands extreme energetic play, compact defending and timely release of three ‘Pacey’ offensive players to make the difference.

Guardiola on the other hand is probably the only coach in the world who seeks at all times irrespective of who the opposition is, to dominate the game by ball monopoly coupled with well rehearsed offensive animation schemes.

For Guardiola,it is not enough to just win matches,it has to be done in a beautiful way: passes, combinations and movements to outsmart the opposition.



Most top clubs have talented players like Manchester City and Liverpool do, but few have them specifically perfectly tailored to execute to perfection the coaching philosophies of the clubs and coach.

For example, Liverpool’s defenders are not asked to be the most creative ones playing out from the back etc simply because the coach’s playing style does not need them to. But they are extremely solid to handle all kind of assaults thrown at them,enough to eventually release with one direct pass or two, the deadly three offensive players they have upfront in Mo Salah,Sardio Mane and Roberto Firmino.

Players are required to be extremely disciplined to the letter in executing their assigned tasks especially under Guardiola.

They have 2 top class players for every position, at times both internationals!


  1. FANS

A visit to the Anfield (home of Liverpool) on a home game day, will definitely blow the mind of a first timer, as to the extent of passionate support the fans carry their team. Manchester City fans are extremely passionate too though to a lesser degree compared to liverpool.

Their non-stop involvement in the game as the 12th player makes a huge difference. These fanatical wings giving support to players is carried along also on away games.



Most people don’t even know the names nor the looks of the owners of Liverpool or man. city. This public space giving to the players, coaches and the technical crew is in large responsible for their phenomenal domination of the English Premier League.

Manchester City is owned by Sheikh Mansour, one of football’s wealthiest owners, with an estimated individual net worth of at least £17 billion and a family fortune of at least $1 trillion.

Liverpool is owned by John William Henry II.  With an estimated net worth at 1.1 billion.

Imagine bankrolling a football club and being smart enough to take the back seat. Many promising world teams are paralyzed by the public competition with the players, coaches for stardom.


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