What Arsenal fans Need to say to Unai Emery…

Arsenal lost its much-awaited Europa League Final to Chelsea by 4 goals to 1. This defeat means there will be no Champions league football for Arsenal next season!

This was probably Arsenal’s least spirited performance at this season’s Europa league. Could that have been just because they had an off day or simply because Chelsea were a better side on the night and had better players?

My very own family and friends who are die hard Arsenal fans have been very loud in venting their disappointment and anger at everybody linked to Arsenal since the final whistle yesterday night .

I really feel for them and knowing that there are millions of Arsenal fans who must have skipped breakfast this morning ,I can imagine your pain to some extent!

However I really believe that when the anger and disappointment that Arsenal fans feel now, boils down and they objectively look at this past season, they will have some cause to be proud.

Of all the top six teams  in the English Premier league: Manchester City,Liverpool,Chelsea,Tottenham, Arsenal and Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham were the least active in the pre and mid-season transfer market period.

When we do honestly consider that in the past 3 seasons, whilst Man. City, Liverpool, Man. United and Chelsea have spent jointly near a Billion Euros on team fortification. On the contrary, take a look at Arsenal and Tottenham’s expenditure.  Arsenal should be applauded to a large extent.

Some might erroneously argue that money is not the most important factor and they could be right.

However, I ask you to consider this: Pep Guardiola of man. City, is arguably considered by many (myself included) to be probably the best coach in the world today etc winning loads of titles at Barcelona, Bayern Munich and now dominating at Manchester city, winning the local treble.

This same Guardiola, 3 years ago, struggled on arrival like crazy at Man. City with a relatively modest team to what he has today but better than what Unai Emery is equipped with today!

Guardiola did not win anything, came 3rd and I believe snatching champions league qualification just on the last day of the season!

Yesterday both teams paraded these players:

As you can see, Whilst Arsenal have just 3 players that are 1st choice interenationals in their home country, Chelsea boast of 7 first choice internationals and 3 world cup winners in Ngolo Kannte, Olivier Giroud and Pedro. Not forgetting world player of the year contender and arguably one of the best players in the world, Eden Hazard.

A glance at the players on the bench for both sides further magnifies this disparity.

Of course having just the individually more valuable players does not guarantee you success otherwise Man. United would be better up on the table than Arsenal or Tottenham on the table etc or Arsenal would not have humbled Chelsea when they clashed in a this year’s Premier league.

My point is simply that Chelsea invested much more and the tools at the disposal of the formidable coach Maurizio Sarri made it easier for the coach’s know-how to be put on the podium as winner.

A summary of what Arsenal coach  Unai Emery has achieved in his first season: An Europa league Final, Europa League qualification for next season, 21 wins,7 draws and 10 defeats in the regular premier league season.

With what he has been giving to achieve it, I earnestly believe, a huge thank you and better luck next season and more is what the world should be raining on Arsenal football Club and Unai Emery in particular.





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  • Arthur Akpoedafe says:

    It is unfair the way Arsenal fans have treated some of their players this season, especially fingering out one or two for their performances on an off day.
    The fact is simply that you need to invest financially, and wisely to be able to measure up to the challenge that your close rivals will put up.
    Arsenal haven’t done that. Especially in this season where they have a new coach who has come to an unfamiliar terrain.

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