War Of The managers at The Premier league ?

managers-at-war-in-EnglandThe build up to this Premier league season was unprecedented. Not only are clubs set to receive record portions of the Premier League collective cake from sponsorship and television image rights but the investments, both financial and physical, are as never seen before.


World’s Best Coaches?

Jose Mourinho, Josep Guardiola, Mauricio Pochettino, Arsene Wenger, Jürgen Klopp and Antonio Conte, are the worldwide household coaching names on parade this season in the Premier League. These in my opinion are probably the best coaches in the trade at the moment and they are all reunited chasing one sole prize: Champions of the English Premier League.

For weeks we have observed as all go about filling up their jigsaw puzzles of players and staff to suit their playing philosophy and objectives.

These coaches all have relatively different philosophies with, however, some similarities that will be put on show to achieve the set out goals. It is a defining season for all above named.


The Case Studies

José Mourinho has to show to the world that he has not lost the “special” touch in coaching and justify the over €150,000,000 spent till date and counting on team building.

Pep Guardiola, though the most decorated of the above named, has to confirm to the world that he can build his own team from scratch and not only dominate the league, as he has done, with already existent talented players.

Pochettino has to confirm the near title win, which he earned with relatively young, enterprising and “well-coached” players last season.

The pressure is always on the shoulders of the longest active serving manager, “Sir” Arsene Wenger. He knows the fans will once again be impatient for a trophy, though he has spearheaded “the most financially sanitised” club in the Premier League and he needs to deliver silverware sooner rather than later.

Jürgen Klopp last season, in my opinion, took Liverpool to another level. Though he achieved a lot getting to the finals of the Europa Liga, the results in the Premier League were not as satisfying by his own standards and the expectations of the club and fans.

Klopp has not hidden his belief that he inherited a team that was not what he would have wanted. This season he has assembled his team and will be aiming to lift the Premier League trophy.

Antonio Conte impressed many with his tactical display at the European Championships with the Italian national team. Now at Chelsea with an impatient billionaire to serve, he is definitely ambitious to achieve and win the Premier League. Most especially when he has no European competitions as distractions (Chelsea are not qualified for the Champions League or the European Liga).


Renewed Rivalry Nonstop (Hopefully Healthy This Time)

Many are gearing up for the clashes off the pitch among these rivals.In fact the verbal warfare started already, with Wenger and Klopp criticising the money spent by Manchester United’s Mourinho on the acquisition of Paul Pogba from Juventus Turin. Comments that the “special one” did not take too kindly.

Pep Guardiola and Mourinho don’t get along from the fight for domination of the Spanish League that Guardiola won hands down. Now they have to battle it out to win the Premier League and to be the No 1 club in the city of Manchester.

Though Pochettino and Wenger get along well, we are aware that Tottenham and Arsenal fans don’t see eye to eye and cannot stand the other being ahead on the league table. This rivalry is by inheritance on the managers.

Wenger again has to accommodate the rivalry with Mourinho. Should he be ahead on the table at the end of the season he definitely will drink a glass of wine to celebrate, and vice versa for Jose Mourinho.

The day Guardiola touched down in Germany as manager of Bayern Munich, was the day it all went backwards for Jürgen Klopp at Borussia Dortmund. Will Klopp relive that scenario again or will he finally get to see himself ahead of the Spanish guru come league’s end?

Wow, I cannot wait to hit the stadium when these teams clash. This is set to be the most tactically-fought Premier League battle of all times. Thank God it has finally kicked off.

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