Sir Alex Ferguson Retires: Video Tribute

He has seen it all and won it all! He is the most successful manager in football history and is arguably  the best Coach/Manager that ever existed. We are talking of the none other than, Sir Alex Fergusson.

we celebrate his Legacy!

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Never has any one manager dominated the world scene of football like Sir Ferguson.

He has created soccer stars, been a soccer star, not only created a soccer team but built an empire of a club in Manchester united and  now he takes a deserved but still painful to accept retirement from the game of soccer at the tender age of 71.

He is doing it in style just as he is celebrating the 20th premier league title as manager of Manchester united!

In all he has been at the helm as manager of United for 26 years and definitely the world would miss him dearly and so will the Manchester United fans.

With these specially selected videos for you,we celebrate his Legacy!

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