Video: Sunday Oliseh Responds

Its been 14 games since I took over as Chief Coach of the Super Eagles,We have lost just one official game and one friendly game .Scored 19 goals,conceded 6 goals. Qualified to the group stages of the World Cup qualifiers and still on track to qualify for the 2017 AFCON.

Voted by FIFA as the youngest National team of 2015 and moved up in the FIFA Rankings.All done in a spate of less than 8 months !

Special interest critics want Nigerians to think otherwise….Hence the below

Oliseh Responds

A shame that some ex colleagues, who hold every other colleague that succeeds responsible for their own squandering of golden opportunities join in this vendetta.

Oliseh Responds Part 2


Sad that critics would want you to believe that for Sunday Oliseh and his crew to be deemed a success,they have to win every game and with 4 goals more or less.


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  • ....... says:

    Sunday Oliseh,
    It is too late! Your have already messed up the national team by the actions against the most capped Eagle and great goalie – Vincent Enyeama. Your attitude to him perhaps affected the morale of AFCON superhero – Emenike who was in line to be “the new Yekini”.

    You had all our support until these events started happening. Talking of statistics, your predecessor (Keshi) did well in CHAN by reaching the semis if my memory serves me right. He qualified and won the AFCON at the 1st attempt and qualified for the world cup in grand style reaching the same height Westerhof reached at the world cup. He qualified for Confederations Cup, etc. He discovered so many home based players such as Sunday Mba. Omeruo, etc. in a very short time. All of your history and records are so lame and incomparable. Remain silent and prove yourself……

    His only failure was due to the foolishness going on with the NFF/NFA at the time. Who can succeed in that type of atmosphere without a contract and working on a “pay as you go” format. Hopefully, your days are numbered at the super eagles post. Remain in Supersport studio where your opinions were seen as relevant. Talking and coaching are very parallel endeavors. Coaching license and playing under the best coaches do not prove you are good. Keshi, Amodu, etc. are by far on a higher coaching pedigree than you. Keshi qualified multiple teams to the world Cup and Amodu qualified Nigeria multiple times to multiple world cups.

    Also, work on your temper and character. May be if you do, your coaching career may blossom. You talk too much. Empty barrels make the loudest noise.

    You used to be one of my most memorable Super Eagle of all time and you still are but for coaching, your actions are very unpleasant and sour especially regarding two great players – Enyeama and Emenike. How can a player (Emenike) suddenly just retire at his peak and with huge tournaments in sight?

  • Promise says:

    Well said Coach, you have done what most coaches in the past had failed to do,by saying it the way it is high time things began to be done the right way in Nigeria… I support you,I pray for you and wish you and the team great Success…

  • Livi says:

    Hi Sunday, personally without being bias I love your ability to read matches and your response time is good which was lacking in the previous coaching crew. I will advise you not to make any further comments either on air or on print media for some reasons instead work harder and also pray harder. You will be justified after qualification to the nations cup and the world cup. The critics will always be there, what should be important for you is ensuring the right thing is done always. Remember don’t join anyone with unnecessary issues rather concentrate on your work, also carry the NFF president along. God bless you.

  • Molokwu Kryss says:

    Chief Coach, having heard your comments on your vlog, I feel embarrassed by your comments. Mourinho, Guardiola, Hiddink, Van Gal all go through criticisms, none of them lose their cool over comments. You criticized coaches for a living as a pundit. Results silence insults, why not put your mouth where you earn your money instead of saying fellow Nigerians who criticize you is insane?
    You are bigger than this… Let your speech be to your players not other Nigerians or former colleagues who criticize you.
    Dogs don’t bark at parked cars…. only at moving vehicles.

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