United “Dangers” Awaiting David Moyes At Manchester.

MoyesThe news of David Moyes’s appointment as successor to the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester united shook the whole football world. Not because he is not good enough but because this iconic, legendary manager, Sir Ferguson was finally hanging up his Coaching Boots!

                 Who Is David Moyes?

David Moyes is one of the best coaches/managers in the English premier league. he is a 50 years old Scottish manager and has been in charge as manager of Everton now for 11 years! He s one of the longest lasting coaches in this club or in any modern club/league in Europe.

In  11 years as Manager of Everton, he has with relatively very lean resources not only kept this club up in the Premier league but achieved some remarkable landmarks at the club: Under Moyes Everton qualified for the Champions League in 2005 and reached the FA Cup final in 2009. He was voted the 2003, 2005 and 2009 League Managers Association Manager of the Year.

Moyes is the third-longest serving manager in the Premier League and the English football league system as a whole, behind Ferguson and Arsene Wenger.

Knowing how Manchester United is meticulous with its management and setup in general, Moyes’s appointment was definitely well thought out and had been rumoured for years now!

                              MOYES AT EVERTON

The balance sheet of Moyes’s tenure at Everton are really a mixed fortune one! It has had successes as the champions league qualifications of 2005, Respectable finishes at the first half  on the premier league and has also had many narrow escapes with relegation battles and turbulent seasons and through it all the club kept its faith in him and hence his long Tenure.


The Past : Sir Alex Ferguson did not only mould Manchester united into just a great English, European or World team but, built an empire of a club in Manchester united .One that the world has gotten used to seeing win the Premier league everyone in two years or fight for the title till the very end, play very attractive and imposing football, lead and not follow, be a force in European football regularly amongst others and nothing less is acceptable!

Lack of Financial Excuses: Manchester United is not Everton ! Money is available to buy stars and achieve star results, nothing less than the above stated is expected. Moyes must deliver and win titles immediately!

 Immediate Success Is Demanded: The honey moon is put to test before the league season kicks off when Manchester United ,league winners 2013,take on Manchester City or Wigan United, Cup winners 2013 for the Charity shield in the summer! For obvious reasons I hope for his sake he doesn’t lose to Manchester City for example!

Time will not be given to Moyes to adapt into his new role and hence he has to start in a sprint and produce results in style.

 The Presence of Living Legend, Sir Ferguson: The problem with Living Legends and their successors is just that in their name, they are still living! having been the sole face the fans and the world have known on the bench in Manchester United, and Sir Alex Ferguson is a living legend whose presence is still going to always hover over David Moyes’s head .In 26 years as manager,Sir Ferguson won 27 titles.An average of  title a year

Comparisons will be incessant and unfair!

Star Players Management: Manchester United is a Gigantic club with Gigantic Ego players. The judicious management of these star players by Ferguson has been one of the reasons why this club has prospered exceptionally in the past two and a half decades.Remember the shoe throwing allegation by Ferguson that cut David Beckham’s eye lid and eventually sent him packing?

At Everton Moyes dealt with relatively ‘lesser  valued’  players, how he deals with players like Rooney,Vidic,Ryann Giggs, etc will be determinant on how successful he will be.

In Summary: Records are made to be broken and though Sir Fergusons legacy will be a hard act to follow Moyes has no choice but to draw his own map and write his own legacy.

Definitely it will not be easy but at this club he not only has tradition, culture and diehard fans to count on but he has all the tools necessary to succeed, we wish him and Manchester United fans good luck as they open the next chapter in their illustrious history book!

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