Invest Over A Hundred Million And Still Struggle?

AVB-sackedDate: March 2012,Venue: London, Event: Andre Villas Boas (AVB) is relieved by a London football club of his duties as Manager(Chelsea)

Today,20 months later and once again ,AVB is sacked by a London based club, Tottenham Hotspur. You just have to feel sorry for the guy as he ponders : Why always me in London?

 Success as a coach/Manager in top World football is not guaranteed by just exceptional knowledge of the game, tactics, techniques or social stature but way more than that!

This and more the unfortunate Villas Boas (AVB) Found out this week as he was relieved of his duties by Tottenham .

After a 5-0 defeat at the hands of in form Liverpool and goal crazy Luis Suarez, AVB was let go! Last Month (November 2013) Man. City thrashed Tottenham 6-0!

  AVB who has in the past, had a taste of immense success as co-trainer/scout for Jose “the special one” Mourinho and as chief coach at FC Porto, where he won the treble, has continued to struggle only ever since : First at Chelsea and now let go by Tottenham.

Some fear it is the end of ever coaching in the prestigious English Premier league!

We evaluate today: Why do some talented coaches like AVB (or coaches in general) struggle at the highest level?


                Player Power

Modern day Football is no longer what it used to be! Footballers are practically now pressure groups and managing them tactically and sensibly is the beginning of success.

Gone are the days when a Trainer could just ignore the players and their opinions like Sir Alex Ferguson could do seem to do in the past. Try it now and you are Gone. This cost AVB at Chelsea and It has cost him again at Tottenham.

 AVB is reported to have had problems with certain players eg Emmanuel Adebayor and sent away on loan Tottenham’s best left back Benoit Assou-Ekotto with little show of respect!

The “Mighty” Mourinho lost out to players at Real Madrid and AVB is the new victim it seems.

Though a “Successful”  Manager on the outside might seem like an authoritarian, these days behind close doors he is quite intimate with his players, or at least the influential ones and persuasion to follow your philosophy is better entertained as forcing players to!

Yes modern day Pro. players are that powerful today!


100 million Pounds Spent but 7th Best

The sale of Golden Boy Gareth Bale Brought in over 100million pounds and all of it went into player purchases. 7 to be exact.

That Tottenham is 7th and the new players are not yet in full throttle is normal and should have been expected.

With the above obviously came very high expectations and a top 4 position was no longer a dream but a must! How do you invest over a hundred million and still struggle? Many ask!


These players arrived late and barely trained enough together before the league season kicked off to “Gel” into a team and that they are 7th but 8 points off 1st is understandable!

However someone has to take responsibility in this merciless circle. AVB should have been giving much time!

Unfortunately, It’s easier to replace one as opposed to 22 players!


If You Cannot Manage Above, You’ll Have To Manage “Death”

Good Management of the club Chairman,board of directors etc is ‘sin qua non’  in modern football otherwise you are destined for a quick sack (death).

Reports reaching us is that AVB had a different view with the above in the club hierarchy and practically refused reinstating Out of favour players like Adebayor back into the team & instead was pushing for the purchase of Hulk from Zenith to replace Adebayor. More spending and meaning the cost of Adebayor to the club were just wasted.

Furthermore problems with ‘in favour to the board’ Stefan Freund,his co-trainer, to the point of relegating him to the 2nd assistant coach order was frowned at!

The co-trainer is closest to players and the board than the Chief coach and he needs to be handled delicately and not alienated otherwise when the day of reckoning comes you will be alienated as Sole Responsible!

That Eventually happened to AVB!


I really do feel sorry for AVB! it is always a sad sight for anyone to lose their job, but The Board had to do something as a means to ease the growing pressure and not get the blame eventually thrown at them!

This is most troubling when we take into account as to the probability that some of the new bought players were not the requests of AVB but those of the board.

We wish AVB a speedy bounce back and the Tottenham fans better fortunes in the season, though it’s not looking too bright at the moment!


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