“Wounds” of Arrogance!

Just 5 weeks ago Jose mourinho’s Real Madrid were 10 points clear at the top of the la liga in Spain (and considering the fact that the only team lately that has the key to effortlessly beat Real Madrid is Barcelona) the sporting world prematurely proclaimed them 2011/2012 champions.

 This is understandable when one takes into account that as at that point most thought with Barcelona faltering and knowing Mourinho’s strength as a world class coach, a 10 points lead synonymous to 4 games defeat whilst Barcelona, their nearest rivals, had to win all seemed very unlikely.

 Welcome today, with their convincing victory yesterday (4-0 over Getafe) and the lethal trio of Lionel Messi, Xavi and Iniesta running the show, this ten point lead is now cut to just one. Real Madrid has a game in hand. How is this possible?

 I would call it the wounds of arrogance and the intelligence of modest planning!

 Josep Guardiola intelligently set this in motion weeks ago. He publicly declared that the title race was over, it was impossible to surmount the 10 points deficit; no team has ever done this before etc. This was a two edged sword. Knowing full well that Real Madrid is littered with “positively arrogant” personalities, he tried to get them to become complacent. The last minute points dropped versus Betis Seville and Villarreal by Real proved him right.

  He also knows that he has a team of players who are obsessed with creating History and the fact that no team has ever overturned a 10 point deficit at this point in the season will only further motivate his ream to improve: it worked, ever since they are yet to drop a point!

 Winning all games thrown at them.

 I say arrogance because if you watched Real Madrid before the 10 point lead period, they were quite impressive, even when there were rumors that top players and Mourinho were feuding, they came up days after to produce their best “Classico” performance of late vs. Barcelona in  the Copa del Rey Second leg vs. Barça at the Nou Camp!

  Weeks ago we were all discussing of a possible double for José Mourinho and his Real Madrid wards (Champions league and La Liga) Today is gradually beginning to seem like we might see in may Barcelona walk away with an unprecedented Treble!

Unprecedented because no team has won the Champions league back to back to date!

 I honestly feel Real Madrid has what it takes to claim the double but it would require a quick change of heart and mentality, reducing some arrogance and replacing it with a bit humility.

 One thing is for sure, they just made the last weeks of this season a bit more fascinating for us all and now I cannot wait to see who comes out victorious in the next ‘el clasico’ and the tension that will be on display.

 The Wounds of Arrogance could be really painful at times!

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