Bob Marley Forsaw this,Now we are Reeling in it!


One of the precious lessons my fortunate visit to every continent in the world has taught me, it is that certain humans of all races crave this insane urge to feel that, they are better than the next man by virtue of their race, treat and look at the other man in a degrading manner.

The only thing that differs is the degree of its belief and application, sometimes limited not by desire but by possibility to enforce that urge and erroneous belief.

The sad thing about it all is that, our race and gender is probably about the only thing about which we are, that we have no influence at all over, only God decides that!

Until the philosophy which hold one race superior, And another, Inferior, Is finally, And permanently, Discredited, And abandoned -Everywhere is war -, Me say warBob Marley

In every continent of the world today there is one form of war or the other and i feel it is rooted down to what the prophet Bob Marley sang about in the early 90’s.

Look around you, Africa, Europe, the America’s, the Middle East, Asia, everywhere there is war!

People might say why now so much war and terrorism and not before now? Some feel it’s always been the same, the difference just that we now have, thanks to better media and social media coverage on everything? Well there could be some truth about this.

We humans are just too greedy and control freaks maybe! Many in this world feel they are superior thanks to their race and want to control the lives of others to their own benefit.

Why on earth can’t we as humans just accept that due to our geographical, cultural religious orientation that we should be left to live as we please and not dictated to by others?

My fear is that if we do not calm down and realise that there are no longer slave countries, races and continents anymore to be colonised and taught what to do, what kind of governments to have etc. one day one mad man could via a dirty bomb make us all regret our thirst for superiority !

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If Jesus Christ was born today at the same venue, could anyone tell me what country he would be from? The answer might surprise you and make you realise how Race has blinded us to the point of not knowing that we are all brothers!

If you are a parent, you definitely must be asking yourself, what will the world be like for the next generation of our Kids?

One thing is certain,if the so called leaders of the world do not understand that the other nations of the world no longer want to be bullied around as an inferior race we may not know peace like the 90’s etc

Race is killing us!

Answer: Jesus by virtue of being born in Bethlehem,would be a Palestinian today. Scary No?


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