Ferguson and United Lost it!

Could this be the beginning of the end of Manchester United’s hold on the premier league? Before this all important game against “Our Noisy neighbors” as Sir Alex Ferguson likes to refer to Manchester City, United had a 3 points lead and today? Thanks to this 1-0 defeat by City, (goal by Vincent Kompany) they are relegated to second position, same points but with city having a better Goal difference.

 Is this the beginning of the end of United’s domination? Is there a shift in power? Is Sir Ferguson finally thinking of retirement? Why are we jumping into these conclusions, just because of one defeat?

  This defeat is provoking questions due to the manner it came about. We saw a City side quicker, faster, compacter, deadlier & united as a team. They were purposeful and very coherent with Yaya Toure running the show as we predicted before the game. Nasri, Clichy, Aguero amongst others, all justified their transfers. That this was a deserved victory is the biggest understatement of the moment!

Surprisingly Sir Alex paraded a very defensive, midfield packed team and in my opinion,an ageing line up. He opted to play the “experience card” of players like Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, and Wayne Rooney as the lone striker up front. This made United into a team likened to a dog with no bite. The defenders of City were free to comfortably construct their game from behind and reach easily, the ever important Yaya Toure and David Silva who then dictated play at ease to the detriment of United.

  United did not have a shot at goal on target the entire first half! Rooney looked lost! The midfielders: Scholes, Park, Giggs and Carrick all could only play lateral passes since there was no point striker up front to aim at. I must say that I was surprised at this obvious ambition to grind out a draw result by Sir Alex. Most especially when he had at his disposal 4 other strikers all sitting on the bench!

  Roberto Mancini on the other hand played all out to win! He not only left out the unsettled Ballotelli but played The Duo of Aguero and Tevez supported with a very offensive minded Yaya Toure, David Silva and the two full backs who pounded constantly on the flanks of united and bombarded them with incessant pull outs. One of which (a corner kick) resulted in the winning goal!

 This game also gave us a rare sight of Sir Alex Ferguson’s fiery nature. He almost came to blows with Mancini when the Referee refused his side a ‘light’ foul and Mancini felt he was trying to influence the officials. In other words even Ferguson lost it!

 United do have two games to go and victories home Vs Swansea and away to Sunderland could crown them champions should City falter. These two teams are mid-table and really have little to play for this season.

 All is not lost and City is not yet crowned champions. But this victory more than puts them on the driver’s seat with just 2 games to go! Should they win their next two games; away to Newcastle and then home to Queens Park Rangers (two teams that still have a lot to play for; one is fighting relegation and the other is seeking a European cup qualification) they will be crowned champions for the first time since 1968, 44 years ago!



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