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  • Sunny, congrats. I know you have your hands full with the Super Eagles. However is there a way we can do away with players, playing cadre tournaments twice.
    The main culprits now are the u20 women. They beat teams with racket score figures, but at what cost.
    It’s embarassing to see old women playing at being u20s , and the same should hold true for the men. It hinders growth and progress of real teenagers getting their chance.
    Please also do all you can, to get some of this foreign born Nigerians. Thanks and by Gids grace its your time to uplift our nation.

  • Interesting statement by the Gaffer. Hope you are not shifting the post though, as you insisted on first team players during your unveiling. By the way, you are yet to define the term ‘top leagues in Europe’. Would love to know what you mean by that. Well done Coach

  • Segun Ajayi says:

    keep up the good work coach.

  • Dele Emmanuel says:

    Dear Sunday!
    What of those that plays in a league like UAE, china? Who are also playing in their top division clubs over their. Are dey also eligible for call ups

  • Opomulero says:

    My intellectual coachy, the most significant thing is that as long you’re able to identify young talents who are ready to give 1000% commitment, then the rest will be history. In the Belgium Jupiler league alone we have quite a number of talents doing Nigeria proud at the moment. The Eredivise also have some foreign born talents like Otigba who have shown a desire to play for Nigeria. I can understand established players from the English championship and the Spanish Segunda for the likes of Aluko and Azeez if they’re still ready to fight for a place in the team. Other than that we have some potential talents coming up at various top European leagues like Ajagun, Olaitan, Ekplolo, and Kayode making waves in Europe at the moment. In fact when it’s all said and done depending on their fighting spirit and the desire to don the green-white-green jersey, there might be some selection headaches to come. Thank you coach for your hard work and patriotism. You’re exactly what the SupeEagles need at the moment. The first Nigerian coach to interact freely with fans on social media kudos to you SOO15.

  • Akinyomi Timothy J says:

    am a great follower of the super eagles,and it pains me most times that coaches fail to see the problem that are visible to others, well, maybe they purposefully ignore them. watched a lot of your analysis and seen that you have got a deep sense of the game.i believe in you bro. even wen failure comes in i ll choose to believe in you cause the success factor lingers in you. do us proud oliseh!!!

  • Akinyomi Timothy J says:

    lets do a run down here, a player like Iheanacho is fast with his young age and good experience in a top team of Man City, Simon Moses, fast and skillful, Victor Moses getting back to his prime, Success knows the way to the net ,same as Obafemi Martins at the MLS. why then should we go for mediocre(permit me to say) players. Mfon Udoh isnt doing bad in the NPFL (at least better than some foreign pros we call). Sunday, get the selection right and your work is cut out for you.

    Yous in Soccer,
    Akinyomi Timothy.

  • Maribe Emeka says:

    This video message, I think is a very positive start by the new coach. We hear directly from the man. Success comes when “opportunity meets preparation”, therefore preparation is the key! Good luck to the coach as he builds his team!

  • Black baby says:

    Nice one Sunday. We wish you the very best in your new assignment and will be watching every step of the way.

  • duncan effiwatt says:

    Dear SKippo,
    congrats on your well-deserved appointment. I’m a Nigerian coach based in the UK where i have had the opportunity to monitor the performances of numerous Nigerian players in the leagues here. One player that has caught the eye due to his masterly performances week in week out is Brentford FC’s Moses Odubajo who plays as a RB or DM, he’s a great star in the making that you can’t afford to ignore.Contact him through his club because I don’t have his personal contact. Good luck to you as super Eagles coach

  • Im so elated having finally witness the era of you being the Super Eagles’ coach, which you have long been due for; it’s really a dream come true. Please remain focused ‘cos distractions will now begin to show-up from media, ‘golden era’ team-mates and NFF members. Do your job and Pray too and mark my words too…..’Cos SOON your name will ring bells when mentioning best football coaches in the world.

  • Okoutu Jolly says:

    U departed the National team 4 speaking the truth, keep it up, it is only the truth that would set U free, congrat.

  • PETER says:

    I cannot recommend a player for you but you’ve seen it all. Remember man management is very important, moderation is another so manage your team very well we are praying for you your success is sure

  • Collins says:

    Hello boss it’s your fan collins I just want to plead for you to help develop talented player s from the youth we all saw what kayode and ajagun performed in two fifa under 20 world cups we say a technical and fast striking from kayode and we saw that ajagun is that natural attacking midfielder that super eagles need behind mikel and

  • Collins says:

    Please let’s try and help these players to become star’s that they are born to be. If Argentina had neglected their youth talented players all the aguero the telex and others wouldn’t have been star today. We don’t have to expect these boys to do it alone with their clubs nigeria team have to build their confident too and make them get bigger clubs a player like ajagun should be treated same way Ghana did to ayew and is brother kayode and ajagun deserve equal treatment given to musa and omeruo bcos they where all stars of our youth team and omeruo and musa have proven that to the youth is always the key

  • John Enadeghe says:

    These are my observations on the Nig-Tan match. Lack of hunger on the part of the Eagles. Pass a ball wrongly, instead of pursuing, you relax. Speed that we are known for is no longer there. Sense of anticipation lacking. We no longer take shots. You may wish to look into these areas.

  • yapdem says:

    Please explain why Obafemi Martins hasn’t been invited to play. Just curious.

  • Tam Tek says:

    We must remain supportive and keep the faith. Coach Skippo will do his utmost, but as the saying goes “Rome was not built in a day” He knows what’s needed and time will be the judge.. On a lighter note I salute and commend Senator Saraki for his ambition, bold and rigorous stance in the face of serious firepower… Innocent till proven otherwise

  • Tam Tek says:

    Steady as we go.. We must remain supportive and keep the faith. Coach Skippo will do his utmost, but as the saying goes “Rome was not built in a day” He knows what’s needed and time will be the judge.. On a lighter note I salute and commend Senator Saraki for his ambition, bold and rigorous stance in the face of serious firepower… Innocent till proven otherwise

  • Shalom says:

    I have always been,a fan of the super eagles even in their weakest moments, and a fan of Old super eagles team, you inclusive
    But the latest feud between you and Enyeama is heart-aching and doesn’t speak good of you following the circumstances surrounding the Incidence and the way you handled it ( though I may not be deemed worthy to be a judge of such an issue). Enyeama holds a place in our hearts. He has always been our hero and I feel bad for how he has been treated, and that just after loosing his mother. He deserved some more respect. Go check out how Ferguson even at his level handled Cristiano when his dad was just ill, and that was even before he became a superstar. With all due respect, please be wise and humble enough to show Nigerians that you are a real hero and that you have the best of our interest at heart by laying aside you pride and ego as whatever you may feel you’ve already achieved or attained to resolve this saga before it costs us more than you ever anticipated.
    God bless you
    God bless Nigeria
    God bless Africa

  • Jeffrey idhe says:

    Sunny, you are the best thing that is happening to nigeria football today….I really love everything about you,your work and where you are taking our football to…..Sunny, please i know what you are here to give to Nigerians,for the first time,the bribe taking from the players has finally stopped…we really appreciate you and all you are bringing to the team….Please sunny, no matter what the dis tractor and hatters bring, please do not quit the team until you have made your mark in the eagles….Sunny you are a winner you have never fail and you will not fail with the eagles. ….Please also a suggestion I will like put in here:I will like you to use Ideye,please don’t get me wrong, I don’t know him and to me he not the best of stickers but one thing I know is this,when he is playing,he brings out the best in others strikers , that is,he dose not score but he help others to score….you are in charge and you know what’s best for the team…we Nigerians love you and we are strongly praying for you to succeed…..

  • Uchenna Nwosu says:

    Dear Sunday,

    Congratulations on your appointment as the Super Eagles coach. God has answered our prayers. Please don’t be discouraged by the backlash following your removal of Vincent Enyeama as captain. Seniority alone cannot be the criteria used to select a team leader.
    Is it possible to create a statistics database for tracking games so that Nigerians cease to discuss team and player performance based on sentiment rather than facts. In the U.S. data such as goals, assists, turnovers, corners, freekicks, minutes played etc
    are readily available for games. Please don’t rely on NFF technical committee. You can indirectly influence them.
    Enyeama may be a great talent, for instance, but he has a big weakness with crosses and corners that France researched and exploited. They also recognized our inability to utilize corners and set pieces and fouled us at will.
    Another tactical area Nigeria was oblivious too was pacing. We came out tenaciously against France at an unsustainable tempo, and eventually when they turned up the heat, plus got physical with us, we fell apart after having seemingly dominated the game.
    I know you have a lot on your plate and you have to take it a step at a time but I wanted to add my ten cents. I wish you God’s best.

    Uchenna from Los Angeles

  • fatokun says:

    Chief coach kudos to the good work you are doing , however we are not comfortable with Super Eagles attacking line up prior to this point one of the strongest department of your darling team nay our dear eagles is strikers and forward line up of exciting individuals need i mention Obafemi Martins,Aghaowa,Tijanni B etc.Like i earlier stated all the departments had improved atleast last match on Friday we saw active midfield and defense line up to Carl Ikeme inspiring effort ,another vital area to look at is careless passes and slow built up.Introduction of ageless Obagoal added some bite .Please we need to score and we are ready for the world,keep working hard coachito

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