Super Eagles Update

Super eagles Update

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  • Please coach take another look at this Red hot striker called Obafemi Martins. If you can give Emenike, who has not scored for Nigeria in 2 yeaars, a chance, Oba deserves a look in. Judge him on his consistency in front of goal.
    One major thing I have noticed in players who have had long careers, as they get older, they take their trade more seriously. They reduce womanising, train harder, eat better and cherish every cap. These are surely virtues we would like Oba to impact on our young forward line. Kanu definitely took his duties as an Eagle more seriously as he got older and did not mind coming off the bench.

  • Richard Umejei says:

    My question and an honest answer please. Why did not include Usman Mohammed in your team for the two friendlies? After all he did well and needa to be exposed to more international games of high qualities and standards. As you said he will be great with more trainings and encouragement.

  • Seun Ajetunmobi says:

    Hello sir we believe in you and will support you to reach your goal. Sir you know best on how the coaching goes s. Sir please consider kelechi I believe he won’t disappoint us, introducing him gradually to the team will help him get used to your pattern of play your are building sir. I am not teaching you your job sir just a suggestion. Up Eagles always a supporter of my team for life no turning back eagles for life come rain come sun I rep eagles.

  • Sunny says:

    hi Oliseh, there are two players with Nigerian origin that i think will be great asset to the squad, Derek Osede of Bolton and Dele Alli of Tottenham.

  • Mordi says:

    Chikeluba ‘chico’ Ofoedu of samsonpor turkey league should be invited to the national team at least for a friendly. . Though
    he plays in 2nd division but the guy is an exceptional player.

  • patrick says:

    Chuma Anene!!, is a name you’ve to watch on youtube yourself to see if he is the new “yekini”.And may the good lord guide you on the right part. Amen. cheers Mate!!

  • Livinus Ojefua says:

    Hi Sunday, congrats on your new job but be rest assured that success won’t come easy. I will like to offer some suggestions for your consideration. We are deficient in the following areas and I think you need to urgently address these issues;
    1. Right Full Back: For a long while, am yet to see an enterprising player. With all due respect to Leon Balogun, I don’t think he can hold on to that position. Please you need to dig deep, even Kwambe isn’t a better option.

    2.Defensive Midfield: You need to make up your mind on the role to give Mikel. I don’t think I have an answer.

    3. Creative Midfield: Am yet to see a player who can deliver, maybe Iheanacho but my fears is the fact that he has been converted to a striker. However, if you decide to play Mikel as defensive midfielder, i hope he will allow the creative midfielder to play his role.

    4. Ahmed Musa: Musa score more goals from the striker’s position and not from the wings. He seems to play better when going direct.

    5. Emenike: I suggest you keep him on bench to get the best out of him.

    Finally, the two matches you have been incharge seems to have impressed me because i saw some technical inputs which were lacking for i know with time it will get better. Please exert your authority on the so called ‘big boys’ so that they don’t rubbish you.

    God bless.

  • Victor says:

    You are the boss and we all love you and we cannot teach you your job because you know all about it more than all of us and all your critics but we can always make suggestions that if you do not agree with, we will still support your wise decisions. I see we need GOALS and experienced players. If talent was all, Arsenal would have been winning all leagues.

    There are tournaments that cant be won without experienced players mixed with the young generation. We need older people that can carry the team in many ways which include mentally, even if they sit on the bench just like Yobo did for us in the AFCON we won. We have players like Osaze, Martins who is one of the best in MLS, etc.

    I also beg that Bright Dike is not forgotten. He has scored in every game he has played for Nigeria but could not help in the world cup as a result of injuries. He scored for Nigeria against Italy in our friendlies in 2014 before the world cup and against Catalonia. He has been doing well in the MLS.

    If you took out time to read all these, I’m very grateful and honored. You did not come as a messiah but i know you will become a messiah in time.

  • Matilda says:

    Please consider EKIGHO EHIOSUN star player in the WAFU cup. Also once Played for the Super Eagles of Nigeria. Please give him a call up pleaseeeeee EKIGHO EHIOSUN, EKIGHO EHIOSUN, EKIGHO EHIOSUN.

  • Kosiso says:

    Goodluck with the Eagles!

  • Amin says:

    Good Day Sir, you’ve undertaken an herculean task of leading the super eagles,unfortunately Nigerians aren’t the most patience people. Would like to indicate my support for you and your crew. I admire the work you doing with rabid ibrahim and the trust you have in obiora nwankwo but suggest he tweaks his game a bit like yours during your spell in turn, obiora needs to improve his aggressive and passing side cos he has always been a good talent but needs to up the ante…good luck on your job and up EAGLES!

  • Amin says:

    As a player you were amongst the best in your role on the pitch..and I keenly look forward to your handling the Eagles and wish you the best. An observation to our game is the slow pace and drop in strength. Our speed is one of our strengths and we should take advantage of it cos in full flight with a tad of aggression to our game very few will cope with us in the world! It can’t be an easy job to handle the Eagles but you have got the passion and exposure, though not the complete tool, they are invariably key tools,best of luck and up EAGLES!!

  • Amin says:

    On the situation with Vincent it’s clear you both are passionate about the country. This is your team now sir but I can say one thing for sure there is nothing wrong in having a good group of goalies, Vincent is arguably the best goalie this country has ever produced and being a Nigerian great yourself you can attest to that fact. He might be a tad emotional at times but channelling his passion and emotion towards helping the country be great again is a responsibility of yours too and having heard both of you speak of recent it’s clear Vincent doesn’t want to retire,his comments retiring just needed a bit of “assurance” From you!you said it yourself that “goalkeepers are a different breed” Vincent can do a good job for your team even after 2-3 years! He is a class act and he needs his Boss to put an arm around him…Carl has come in and made a good impression an we love the fact you were able to identify the and give him his first cap. For a young goalie like Dele Alampasu to become the number one we hope he will be, he needs both goalies and you to help him achieve this!up EAGLES!!

  • Wadoo Wadoo says:

    I congratulate you you and the team on your victory over Cameroon. I am confident that you will take the team to it greatest heights. My best wishes to you.

  • Fatokun says:

    My coach know that uneasy lies the head that wear the crown ,All i can say is i know you are conversant with emerging trends in world of soccer in attestation to the view you aired on ‘No underdogs in Africa’I have watched all your the five matches played so far with core eagles plus two under CHAN ;be rest assured that the only thing needed by our players is that” push” reminiscent of your days as Super Eagles as captain ,I remembered vividly how you broke the element of malaria in to inspire Eagles to success against stubborn Sierra leone ,just inspire the men to believe .

  • Ola Ibiwoye says:

    Hi Mr. Oliseh,
    First of all i must congratulate you on all your achievements in the soccer world, in you national career as well as your professional one. You have done so well, i also thank you for accepting the huge responsibility of coaching the national team, well done for a good job so far. I just listen to your video release on Youtube about your critics, i can imagine how you feel about negative critics….it must be annoying!…..i get it. But i feel the need to remind you of what great leaders are most times subjected to which are: praisers and critics. If you lead and you are being praised all the time you should check your leadership. Your video did two things out of which non will benefit you,1. You did pass on a message but you also told them they got to you. 2. You expose yourself and the national team to the rest of the world. Even though you passed on a message but you put yourself and the national team on the line,…….you are the one paying more. Critics will come no matter how successful you are and i believe the mark of greatness is to receive it use it as a motivation and stay focus on your visions and goals for the national team. You don’t need to respond to your detractors, my advice is that you pull down that video because you really don’t need to do that, i think it does you more harm than good. Hey!…sunny, it’s going to be alright as long as you believe in what you are doing and you follow through, make sure you don’t loose your locker-room……keep the unity of that team intact and the Lord will bless your effort. I just felt like writing you about that video. God bless you. Hey!……you can connect with me on Facebook or anytime you find yourself in the dallas area we can catch a few bites . Take care

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