I Owe You This !

Gods-helping-handHow does a boy, born in one of the the smallest of villages, Abavo in the Aka local government of Delta state, from the Gigantic Nigeria come this far?

Many have always marvelled and asked me questions how do I do it? Why is it that one always comes out on top of all adversities from people or life? Adversities that sometimes initially look insurmountable and end up to be a blessing?

Many have asked me via social media how it has been possible to remain Nigeria’s most relevant ex sportsman after retirement in over a decade now etc. Today I will share with you how!

It has been overwhelming the flood of messages of support I have received in the recent days from well-wishers that I have been moved to near tears at times. Thank you all. That is why I feel I owe you this revelation.

I promise you that if you decide to follow these footsteps you will surpass what I have been able to achieve 10 times over.

How do I explain the fortune to have had such great parents, siblings, close friends and a Grandfather that seemed to prepare me for almost every event that was to come my way in life?

How do I explain to you that I was able to be signed on into Julius Berger at a tender age without even playing in the 3rd or 2nd division of the then competitive Nigerian national leagues?

How do I explain the fact that the European scouts that eventually carried me to Europe did not come for me initially when they came to Nigeria, but for another player, and were directed my way by a man who owed them money and could not pay?

How do I explain that after just one training session trial in Belgium the club decided to sign me on?

How do I explain that every time I desperately needed to move on in my career, clubs came without my even announcing my desire publicly to leave?

How does one explain that although I was fortunate to have scored some breath taking goals as a player in my career, the most spectacular one came my way when it mattered the most in front of the whole world in the France 1998 world cup?  That cemented one’s name in the history of football forever as the best goal ever scored by an African and one of the best goals ever in football history?

How do I explain the turn of events that happened recently and the unfortunate Character assassination thrown at us one got elevated to another higher position?

Well If you didn’t guess it before now, I must tell you it has been by the special grace of a very special friend,guide,father and my all in all, yes you got it, it is all the making of the almighty GOD!

The world and all what happens in it is like a movie that God has watched a million times and hence knows beforehand what is set to happen every minute. When he feels like intervening, he can rewrite the script to your favour if he wants to, Get him on your side and he will redirect your path in that movie to success.

In 2002, I led Nigeria as Captain to world cup qualification with so much of my private money investment and a 3rd place finish at the Mali AFCON, was betrayed by some colleagues, and our football federation for daring to ask, once again? Lol, for our owed “monies” to be paid at the request of my team mates. End result? The federation ganged up to prevent my assistant captain Finidi George and myself from going to our third consecutive world cup and it hurt.

My mother sat me down and asked me not to say a word or fight them, but rather ask God to do the fighting for me. End result, I became champion with BVB Dortmund that year and the Onigbinde led team to the world cup produced Nigeria’s worst outing in a world cup!

Let God do your fighting for you!

We are tenants in this world and God is the landlord! If we do his bidding and submit to his will he will let us live in it as long as we need to, but when we don’t we will be ejected by the landlord.

Don’t be deceived and think that I am righteous and don’t sin, I believe I could be a bigger sinner than you lol!  But God has been great to me and I want to share that with you. Trust him and though some might see you as a minority because to the plain naïve human eyes you are alone and a minority, but with God on your side, you are an absolute Majority!

If he can bless me over and over again like he continues to do in my private and public life, trust him he can do the same if not more for you. Whenever I needed anything done, I have asked him and he has always delivered and when he didn’t, the turn of events have always shown that he refused to accord my Wishes because he knew ,like in the movie like situation talked about earlier, it was not in my interest!

If you wondered how Mr. Sunday Ogorchukwu Oliseh always seems to be confident even when over a billion people are watching him play football, coach, analyse, consult  or be a simple ordinary husband,father,brother and son, It is because he knows that God will not let him down. Talk to God and he will bless you.

Now you know my most kept inner secret!



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