Kicking Racism Out Of Football

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“Racism Is Man’s Gravest Threat To Man – The Maximum Of Hatred For A Minimum Of Reason.”…Abraham Joshua Heschel

Once again racism is at the centre of our world as the violence races in Ferguson USA and also in our beautiful sport football again. It is far from waning! As the Italian Federation elected a President who had drawn worldwide criticisms for his ‘banana’ racist comments recently, it reminded the world the still existent depth of this illness in our sport!

How on earth can this be stopped once and for all? we must ask and propose solutions to.

Having spent over two decades in Europe as a coloured human being must confess that I feel the issue of racism (though still existent in an appalling magnitude) has improved a lot from what it felt like in the 90’s. or has it? If you do not agree, then Ask yourself what it was like back then if you are appalled with what’s happening now!

There are so much interracial marriages now in Europe and around the world, more coloured players in major leagues and even in major national teams of the world, sometimes in Nations you wouldn’t have dared dreamt of in the early 90’s: Italy has amongst others Mario BallotelliAustria has Nigerian born David Alaba, Germany had Gerard Asamoah and today, Boateng and several Turkish born internationals, France is basically an “African National Team with some French men” ,the USA has several of them and the list goes on.

Unfortunately though, Racism is still full blown in the sport of soccer as players racist abuse are still happening all across the world amidst attempts and measures by FIFA(The world’s governing Body to curb this illness.

Several black players have had to play near tears after being booed on each contact with the ball as if they were apes but still carry on, spurred on by the need to keep their jobs and assume their responsibilities to their families as bread winners and just keep on going!

Many have suggested a boycott by coloured folks when this happens, but will that end this inhuman and sickening belief by some who just feel that because they have a different skin colour are better than the others with different tans? Or who think that just their mere skin difference makes them a special breed of humans superior to the others even though internally, their human constitution obviously is way beneath that of the people they are racially abusing?

We could go on and on and it really is going to be difficult to convince an ignorant man to all of a sudden become enlightened! Yes you need to be ignorant, uneducated and mentally derailed to be racist. Why? Well if you biologically are aware that the colour of your skin does not emanate from some superior royal lineage but is originated from the climatic conditions of the place of birth of your ancestors then you are more than ignorant!


Several measures have been tried with little success in eradicating Racism from Football because the racists have not been reprimanded where it hurts them the most: Their pockets & Education.

We know how money rules the world to many,unfortunately,but I feel if every individual knows that the aftermath of each racial abuse does not only constitute a crime punishable by imprisonment but also involve severe financial loses they will think twice before acting.

We know how most racists fear being in the lowest category of life, because that’s where this racist tendencies come from anyway: The belief to be superior. Imagine the effects of becoming financially inferior with its added implications off a racist crime would do to the racist supremacists off a football crime!

Imagine what it would do to the fans of a club that their fans commit racist offences, if they had their stadiums closed to fans all year round or relegated to a lower division and lesser image rights!

We all know that most people who are involved and make decisions in sports are in it also for financial rewards amongst others and the thought of having their huge investments shattered by racial abuse fines will force them to fight this from the inside!

You cannot assume to understand Racial abuse unless you have felt it for a long period, how it morally destroys kids, sportsmen, their families, friends and create an unnecessary unease in the lives of the victims just because they want to practise the job they love the most and entertain people at the same time.

If we want to stop racism in all sports and life Generally, we need to hit culprits where it hurts the most, their pockets!


 “No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”….. Nelson Mandela



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