Scandalous Change At Ronaldo’s Madrid?


Must a club win a major title every year otherwise sack the coach? One would think when as a coach, one gets crowned World club champion in December and Champions league winners the summer before, you at least buy yourself time at your club. Well not if that club is called Real Madrid and Florentino Perez is your club President.

Real Madrid have just parted ways with Carlo Ancelotti as coach in a move that many find shocking but some of us were expecting from the Real Madrid “magical” Presidium.

Carlo Ancelotti steered Madrid to second position in Spain, 2 points behind Champions Barcelona, semifinals of the champion’s league, eliminated By Juventus but that did not save him the axe.

Where world renowned coaches like Jose Mourinho, Fabio Capello, Manuel Pellegrini failed at madrid Ancelotti succeeded: Bringing the much awaited Decima (10th Champions League Title) to madrid.

This sacking, is further controversial when one takes into account that Ancelotti is much loved by fans, players and the general public as Madrid coach.

Raphael Benitez is rumored to be the successor to Ancelotti. Poor fella he always succeeds loved coaches and once again he will face cold scrutiny should he be confirmed and I really am looking forward to his first presentation.

Jurgen Kloppe of Borussia Dortmund could also be a possible replacement, time will tell.

One thing is certain: Football keeps getting crazier every day and not only lacks financial discipline but Moral one too!

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We wish Ancelotti the best as he takes his most likely, paid, one year sabbatical from football to get a back operation he has long hoped to have time for!

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  • Sunday. When otherwise sane men are conducting senseless actions, you need to look outside the protocols of good behaviour.
    I think that Real Madrid is also in the business of creating drama at their club. Because as we know, drama makes you interesting and being interesting is very lucrative in football. The reality is that these upheavals have arguably not caused the club to be unsuccessful. They keep winning things (maybe not this season) but they still win or are there about.
    At this level of the game, and with the players they have, the club and this President has probably concluded that the instability of changing coaches every season is really not that unstable in its impact.
    There is my opinion more than meets the eye in this unusual behaviour by this club and I say this because evidently, there is no real impact on their performance on the pitch in a league that is really open to one of two teams!
    Best wishes S.O.

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