Does This Justify a Premier league Dilemma?


The strength and importance of any European Nations’ local league is measured by its presence and influence in the most competitive world club competition in the world: The European Champions League.

In the Nineties, the English premier league played second fiddle to top European leagues like Italy, Germany and Spain. Players surplus to needs in these leagues sought shelter in the Premier league.

In fact, only once did an English Premier League Club reach the champion’s league final : Manchester United in 1999 beat Bayern Munich to the trophy in front of a 90,000 sold out stadium in Barcelona!

Then came the 21st century that ushered in a drastic change: World stars rushed into England and the Champions league was no longer the same. England took the lead and front stage!

At one point we witnessed a champion’s leagues semifinal with 3 English teams in the semifinals. Chelsea, Liverpool and Man united have been crowned champions ever since.

Today, we are at the eve of the second leg encounters that will decide the Quarter finalists of this year’s edition and there is a strong possibility of not one English Club getting that far!

This feat has gradually been creeping in as the English influence in this major championship has been waning in favor of the Spanish and German league clubs. Notably Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

It is a renowned fact now; Footballers are Businessmen and will follow the money. The Premier league’s TV rights revenue provide English clubs with astronomical sums to woo the best players in the world, but it seems money is just not enough anymore.

Manchester City is 2 times champions in past three years in England, but has failed to impress in the champions league. Chelsea are runaway leaders in the premier league, but were eliminated by injury plagued and 10 man Paris Saint Germain in London.

Arsenal is currently 3rd on the premier league table and Semifinalists in the FA cup, but crashed to a champion’s league elimination by cash strapped Monaco from France.

Never in the past 22 years has this dilemma befallen English Club sides: no English side made it to the quarter-finals of an European competition!


Questions to You!

Could it be that, though the English premier league is the most spectacular league to watch, produces spectacular goals etc. with a wild fan followership worldwide, be deficient in in-depth overall quality to rival with more tactically oriented Leagues like Germany and Spain?

Or Is the league just all Glamour and no real content?

Is this just a phase that will eventually pass over since Chelsea won the Champions league just three years ago and the Europa Liga 2 years ago?
Or should fans of the Premier league be genuinely worried of international domination, as it lacks what it takes to be among Europe’s best?

Personally I feel, though the premier league is top entertainment, it is backsliding in overall international content on its team play and just Money will not do the trick anymore but better team play!

When Chelsea won the Champions league and the Europa Leagues subsequently, it was a lone ranger as all other English representatives had been eliminated way early in the competitions and this is further troublesome when one takes note of the fact that the Quota system favors England with a large contingent to European club championships every year.

The Premier league is great but it needs Improvement. What Improvements? Better team tactics will do to start with.

Share with the World what you think here, even if you disagree, I am curious to know what your take is on what needs improvement, if any!


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  • Kay Popoola says:

    In England there is only 1 Club that often and always is Football Ambasador in Europe and worldwide and that is MANUNITED. When ever Manunited is sick the entire English football fall sick internationally. There have never been a better ambasador for England and UK as a whole. Other clubs might win a European cup now and then but they lack any spirit as MANUNITED.

    • Emmy Lawrence says:

      Now epl is for struggle people struggle to get the three points but other leagues have players playing a pattern that is like a signature of the club and getting new players to replace an outbound player of similar play, however the mind set is different in a game involving barca there are plenty of chances wasted as barca don’t like taking shots from afar even if the goalkeeper is distracted and that predictability helps them work better because they are awear of the fact that the opposition understand their style they tend to improve their selves so that when they win it’s because they were better than it is of Luck

  • 'deji Mamudu says:

    My take is that clubs in Spain, Germany and France are working hard on developing and building young talent. The EPL seem to be concentrating on packaging. Attacking issues from the crux or root is what matters in life and that is what the Spanish, Germans and the French are doing.
    Taking Barca as a case study you will notice that they revolutionized football in the recent years. As for Bayern they work on their fitness get to the pitch and knock the ball around to attain victory no media hype strictly a result oriented side. Same with the French their coaches don’t have to play any psychological war game like what Mourinho of Chelsea does.

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