Why We Need Neymar In world Soccer


For almost a Decade now,two “Aliens” have dominated the scene of world football: Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and it has been deserved. As we start the countdown to the coronation of the next World’s best footballer, we cannot help but notice a new threat to the status Quo: Neymar Junior of Barcelona and Brazil.

Final Shortlisted Nominees for this year’s Ballon D’or are Messi ,Ronaldo and Neyma Jr

The Ballon D’or is based on a players achievements from November the preceding year to the current one and it has been a season of Mixed fortunes for the three nominees to this prestigious award:

Cristiano Ronald Lead his country to qualify for the 2016 European Championships and just cannot stop scoring goals. Infact he has broken records at club and European levels that just makes one wonder if he is human at all!

Though he scored 61 goals in all competitions in 2014-2015 season none of his goals unfortunately won him Trophies.

Lionel Messi lead Barcelona to the European Champions league, Spanish League trophy and The Copa Del Rey in an unforgettable year for Barcelona and himself.

Messi is the outstanding favourite, scoring 58 goals in all competitions in 2014-2015, but unfortunately losing the Copa America. Did he miss Neymar? He was by far the figure most responsible for Barcelona’s treble, I feel.

In the past there has been rivals to these two: Andreas Iniesta, Frank Ribery just to name two but rarely did anyone really feel they had a ‘real’ chance of depriving these two “Aliens” of the Ballon D’or.

However mention must be made of the strong fight Andreas Iniesta gave to these two recently: Iniesta won the UEFA Best Player in Europe award in 2012, Best Player of the 2011–12 UEFA Champions League, runner-up to Lionel Messi for the 2010 FIFA Ballon d’Or and was voted third place in 2012, but with a vote count margin, each time that showed little contest!

The FIFA Ballon D’or is believed by many to losing its shine as the winner is often known before hand,sort of. That this year could Change and that many believe, is thanks To Neymar!

This has been by far the most impressive season by Neymar since joining Barcelona in 2013 amid huge expectations: He was more than influential as Barcelona won every title possible these decisive period,becoming one of the highest goal scorers in all competitions and finally Leading and being Decisive.

In a Barcelona team ultra Messi dependant in recent years,Neymar more than carried Barcelona on his shouldes as Lionel Messi was kept on the sidelines for several important weeks due to a knee injury in the latter part of 2015.

Neymar brings something new and exciting to world football as his phenomenal movements on and off the ball has jaws dropping and runs opposing defenders, crazy.

I really believe it is good for world football to have a credible and refreshing new possible world player of the year to awaken the excitement to the Ballon D’or once again.

Neymar is fast,clinical in front of goal,defends like crazy for his team,deadly in freekicks,serves loads of assists to team mates,nimble footed and in my opinion Ballon D’or material!

The defining question is however this: Is this good enough to dethrone Messi and Ronaldo as owners of the Ballon d’or today? The answer I leave you to answer.

One thing is certain though,if he continues on this path,it’s only is a question of time before he rules World football!


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