World’s Next Best Player?


Real Madrid signed a 16 year old ! This is totally foreign to Madrid’s President’s (Florentino Perez) philosophy of signing confirmed stars, nicknamed ‘Galacticos’ . His name is Martin Odegaard.

A first look at this teenager one sees a fragile looking kid from Norway who just recently in November set a Norwegian record as the youngest player to wear his National colours at the age of 15!

Where will this player play? is he worth the hype? What kind of player is he? Is he worth the hype and the transfer Price?

martin Odegaard at 15 was a regular player in his club in country in his first season, their youngest player and scorer ever and becoming On 13 October 2014, the youngest player to feature in a qualifier for the UEFA European Championships!


                                       What Kind Of Player Is He?

Many might expect a player like the Messi or Ronaldo type, who take on opponents at will at a tender age and score goals at will. Well he is kind of different and similar!

Similar because he is a very offensive and hugely skillful midfielder who scores goals at times but not yet in same volumes like the two ‘Aliens’ mentioned before but different because he is also more of a playmaker and a goal scorer/ finisher.

On the ball he is very clairvoyant and intelligent in his choice of decisions way ahead players of his age. He has a canny way of reading the game and though not massive physically as you would expect from a 16year old he uses well his body to fend off opponents and protect the ball when he needs to.

Possible Problems?

How does he cope with the pressure? this will be a real test and here he would need the patience and support of his news employers and team mates.

There is already negative talks and criticisms as you would expect from jealous quarters who question his huge rumored wages. How he copes with that will be key.

In summary, Real Madrid is not stupid and if other Giants were interested in this player, it says a lot. Keep your eyes open and remember his name, Martin Odegaard is a name you will see lots of in the future!

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