Mourinho’s Secret Recipe!

 mourinhoJose Mourinho’s Real Madrid’s hard fought victory over Betis Seville 2-3 this weekend keep them 10 points clear at the top of the La Liga in Spain,Edging them one major step closer to being crowned champions.  Once again Mourinho is close to another major title win in his illustrious Coaching career. How does he do it?

Has won it all in club football, was voted FIFA’S first ever coach of the year, 2011. The self-proclaimed ‘Special One’ is arguably one of the most successful coaches ever in the history of football, if not the most successful!
       The Year 2000 till date, as chief coach at Benfica, Uniao de Lieria, Porto, Chelsea or International of Milan, Real Madrid, Mourinho has won six(6) league titles, one UEFA Cup, One Spanish Copa del Rey (King’s Cup) two champions league titles amongst others, and prior to his arrival in Real Madrid went 145 home league games without a defeat as a coach. A world record!

Mourinho has never spent a full season or calendar year as a coach with a club, without winning at least one title! He has won the treble, (3 titles in one year) twice. Porto 2003 and Inter Milan 2010.

  Individually he has won as much as 20 Awards! From the 2011 FIFA coach of the year, UEFA coach of the year award, BBC sports coach of the year award and as much as a honorary degree awarded by the technical University of Lisbon, for his accomplishment in football. Not bad for a man who started out at the top level, as an interpreter for the late Sir Bobby Robson.

The fact that he was not a relatively successful professional soccer player makes his achievements even more astounding.

 Phenomenal is also the  intentionally created controversy that follows him everywhere he works, his arrogance(or is he just self sure?) constant provocation of stern rivals, winning obsession over beautiful entertaining football, just to mention a few. What is Jose Mourinho secret formula?

Youth team coach at Vitória de Setúbal in the early 1990s, assistant manager at Estrela da Amadora ,Portugal, 1992 translator for. Sir Bobby Robson at Lisbon, studied sports science at the Instituto Superior de Educação Física (ISEF), Technical University of Lisbon,Taught physical education, attended coaching courses held by the English and Scottish Football Associations. He Speaks fluently English, Portuguese, French, Italian and Spanish!  Did I hear you say well educated and prepared? Some school of thoughts however feel Guardiola is better!

Mourinho Vs Guardiola



                Working “Modus”

Technically and tactically his teams are always similar. The qualities of the personnel he uses are similar. Be it Porto,Chelsea, Inter Milan or Real Madrid:

 An effective and not very “Press” spectacular goalkeeper , Two big towering central defenders, good in aerial duels, One offensive full back and one relatively more defensive full back. Two central defensive midfielders: one passionately does ball recuperation , one relatively offensive midfielder who is always 50-50 in offensive and defensive ratio.An offensive midfielder who is charged with very “cosmetic” defensive duties but responsible principally for the quick transition of play from defence to offence at lightning speed.A central striker good at holding the ball up field and good in the air . A second striker left or right who can provoke and score when unexpected and is a team player at the same time.

Each player has a fixed set of guidelines well cut out for him and his role around which he has to express himself on pre-determined times and situations. Mourinho pays great attention to detail and demands same of his players!

  Mourinho makes his players feel cherished and very useful. This strikes unity between him and his players. It is now him, them Versus the world!

 One cannot but notice a methodical but well thought out team building strategy that’s been very fruitful and duties well distributed in the interest of one goal; WINNING!

Mourinho has ushered in an era of counter-attacking football that defines most of the games in the professional world today. His team’s attack is based on springing into an attack only at the moment of weakness by the opponent ( Inter vs. Barcelona 2009-2010) illustrates this best, while playing defense with such perfected discipline, so that his team is not similarly exposed.

He defines football with strict tactical limits, where play can be expansive at times (rarely), but never to the extent where his team endangers itself. His tactics aren’t manifested only in his team’s formations, but rather how the teams playing formation is animated, whilst keeping the freedom and responsibilities of the players intact. I see this as a very pragmatic recipe for success in modern football, where results are paramount. If you do not agree ask Andre Villas Boas, recently sacked by Chelsea for poor results!

Funny Side of Mourinho

If he has struggled in Real Madrid at times,it is because for the first time in his Coaching career,he is obliged to incorporate some more flair into his team’s playing style and that cost him the emphatical 5-0 whitewash at the hands of eternal Rivals Barcelona in the 2010 “El Clasico”

  Some, who have collaborated with him have confided in me that, he is a workaholic, loves his job, loves his players, is faithful to his fans, his coaching staff, protects his players, employers and fans to a fault (would rather take the blame for failure than leave it to his players.


“A teacher at the university told me, A coach that knows only about football is not a top one. Every coach knows about football, the difference is made in other areas, He was a teacher of philosophy. I got the message” ….Jose Mourinho 2008

Now you know how the the “Special one” does it!


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