Football Stars Set For Prison?

Prison-footballersWorld soccer got a “Tsunami like” shocker as Legendary Uli Hoeness, Bayern Munich’s President,Got sentenced to a 3 and half years jail term for a tax fraud crime worth over 28.5 million Euros by a German judge. With the Precedence now set, are there more Sportsmen in line?

Lionel Messi,Guus Hiddink,Neymar Jr,Barcelona Fc and not too long ago, Boris Becker, Africa’s own Anthony Yeboah amongst others have all had tax fraud charges brought up against them in the past.

Once again,questions are being asked such as: Why Are sportsmen turning to crime? Insatiable, plainly ignorant, mislead or misunderstood?

Why would you want to “dodge” paying compulsory taxes on earnings with its consequential jail term sentencing, taking into account that you earn much more than the average man on the street who pays taxes?

Is this a case of illitracy, immorality, erroneous acts based on short sightedness or as mentioned above criminality?  if so ,what breeds this?

For those who are unaware,Mr Hoeness is one of the most influential World sports personalities from the past 30 years! He is kingmaker, policy influencer, self proclaimed Moralist and an instrumental figure in Bayern Munich’s worldwide status and lucrative brand today.

He is an Ex-Bayern Munich player and manager who thanks to his co owned Sausage making company in Nurnberg, has reportedly a worth of over 100 million Euros!

How on earth did all this still not discourage this monumental error that could dent his legacy forever?

Lionel Messi and others were, recently, able to negotiate their way out of possible jail term sentences with the Spanish government, but many soccer players are understandably crosschecking their bank accounts and looking over their shoulders, wondering and hoping they will not be next in line of prosecution!

Africans could understandably question the gravity of tax evasion and frown at this as some form of witch hunt, but realise this: Europeans take tax evasion so serious that at times, the sentences could be heavier than that meted out to murderers!  Why? The principle is that when you dodge paying taxes, you do not rob just one individual or institution, You rob the nation as a whole!

Are sportsmen criminals? Of course not! This is why!


                         Sports Men Delegate And Trust Too Much

Educated in their art and profession, sportsmen trust excessively their advisers when it comes to money management, tax declarations and since accountancy etc.  is not really their field as was the case with Lionel Messi they are ill advised and their names are the ones on the headlines and not that of their advisers or managers as culprits!


Sportsmen Are Not Entitled To Pension After Football Amongst Others!

Though in no way a condonation or ratification of tax evasion, Sportsmen do pay astronomical sums in taxes during active days, they are grouped in a special category like artists,unlike the next man and therefore have to plan their own pension plans whilst active. More money is needed than the average man on the street for a lifetime!


                    Sportsmen Are Human Too!

Let’s face it at the end of the day, rarely do you meet a man who loves paying taxes! In fact anyone who admits to this is quickly frowned at and seen as a nerd, fool or a liar!

Americans are well known to publicly detest and denounce paying taxes and would pay as less as possible if the law allows and in some cases even when not!

Though wrong, sportsmen also might consider tax evasion when and where possible as most humans naturally do!

In conclusion, I feel it is a monumental error to dodge paying taxes as a high earning sportsman because eventually you would be caught anyway and if you pay “huge taxes”, it is simply because you earn huge money so some form of contentment would go a long way in helping you stay out of jail in the long run or face Bankruptcy!

The moral of the story is, sportsmen earn good money and should stay away from tax evasion or crime, if a huge personality like the legendary Hoeness could be investigated and convicted for years, there is no way other superstars or lesser ones will get away. At least,not anymore!

Be content and happy with what you Have, Sports stars; Pay  your due Taxes!


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