Messi Present but Griefing,Neymar Absent Brazil Celebrates,Football Trend Wins!

Messi Present but Griefing, Neymar Absent but Brazil Celebrates As new Football Trend Wins!

Goals from Gabriel Jesus and Roberto Firminho sent Brazil into the Copa America 2019 Final at the expense of Eternal rivals, Lionel Messi’s led Argentina.

On the 8th of June 2019, Brazilian star player Neymar Jr, was ruled out with injury sustained vs Qatar in a Pre-Copa America Friendly.

As if the pressure of hosting the Copa America was not enough and added to the star players private legal issues, it looked gloomy for the “Seleçao”.

Fast forward to today, you will be Excused to marvel at the relatively smooth progression of Brazil to the Copa America final.

On the other hand, Argentina parading World mega star, Lionel Messi and his star studded team mates: Sergio Aguero, Nicolas Otamendi, Angel Di Maria, Paulo Dybala etc have once again crashed out and failed to win a trophy. Even with the presence of the mighty Lionel Messi!

Brazil & Argentina rival on almost everything especially football. Maradona vs Pélé, who’s the greatest? Messi or Neymar? World cup victories? etc

However, what was supposed to be a clash of two nations led by their world star players in Messi and Neymar became one sided with neymar’s injury. Still Brazil were in control scoring just 19 minutes into the game and looked favourites till the end though they had less ball possession and Messi was on the pitch.

Latest World football trend once again won! What are these Trend you may ask?

Without Neymar, Brazil have discovered a new jewel in Everton and a renewed collective liberty and consciousness of responsibility of the entire Brazilian team who now favour more collective team play, quicker ball circulation and compact and collective defending that have transformed them into a better team without Neymar in my opinion. Team football is the order of the day. The symbol of Dani Alves as captain says a lot.

The Starting line ups tell it all :

BRAZIL; Alisson Becker, Dani Alves, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva,Alex Sandro, Arthur, Casemiro, Gabriel Jesus, Philippe Coutinho,Everton, Roberto Firmino

ARGENTINA: Sergio Aguero, Lautaro Martinez, Lionel Messi, Marcos Acuna, Leandro Daniel Paredes,Rodrigo De Paul, Nicolas Tagliafico,Nicolas Otamendi,German Pezzella,Juan Foyth, Franco Armani

I personally fear that if Argentina do not find a Team solution that makes them more productive that could maybe involve Messi himself making changes they might never lift a major trophy with Messi as their star player!

Brazil’s team is made up of several decisive players who at their club sides, favour team play against individual prowess’s. Liverpool, Man. City are well represented and with an extraordinary goal keeper like Alisson Becker of European champions league winners Liverpool in goal, they are well balanced.

Gone are the days when an assembly of exceptional individual talents was about enough to guarantee team success, modern football demands that those talented players be moulded into a performing team!

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