Mancini & Man.City’s Demise!

Roberto Mancini, manager of the world’s richest club, Manchester city, is definitely having sleepless nights these days! Why? His job and future as manager of this, now world renowned club, is threatened to say the least!

 Manchester city lie second in the premier league, 5 points behind Eternal Rivals Manchester united ( A team it crushed 6-1 at the first leg at the old Trafford!) Thanks to their 3-3 home draw vs. Sunderland whilst Manchester United came off at Blackburn with a 0-2 victory.

 Who could have thought this possible just a few months ago when Man. City lead the pack, at one point with as much as 9 points!

 Man City is arguably littered with world class players, bought expensively and in large numbers. The players who sit on the bench of this team are easily regulars in most teams around the world today. E.g. Sami Sami Nasri (ex Arsenal) Carlos Tevez, Dzeko just to name a few! It boasts of talented players like Silva, Ballotelli, Yaya Toure, Kolo Toure, and Vincent Kompany. Leaving us but to ask; Is Mancini the right man for this club? Has he got what it takes to take this team to the projected heights by its owners?

 Compliments have to be given to the work he has achieved in this club since his arrival in 2009 to replace Mark Hughes as manager. He has guided this club to its first piece of silverware in more than 40 years! (The prestigious Challenge Cup, 2011). Add to that a first time Champions league qualification in their entire history all in his first full year as manager.

  However, after a string of negative results and eliminations all the above achievements are put into question. The team is incapable to defend its Challenge cup due to a painful 3-1 home defeat and elimination in the hands of Man. United. Eliminated from the first round of the champions league by Bayern Munich and Napoli. To add salt to the bleeding wound, they were eventually eliminated from the eventual UEFA Europa league by relatively lowly Sporting Lisbon of Portugal!

  Watching Man City play one cannot help but notice a combination of quality, interesting play and often the lack of repeated automatisms in their play that are characteristics of a well managed team of this magnitude of investment. It sometimes strikes one like a ship without a Captain.

        Mancini Vs Tevez and player Problems

 There are incessant problems within the players, be it fights in the training grounds, or arguments in a game on who should kick a free kick etc (Which normally should be designated by the manager before kickoff) and problems between the manager and players. E.g. players refusing to come off the bench to play, publicly disagreeing with the training models of the manager (the players complain that they do more work in the gym than on the pitch of play) etc just to name a few.

At the moment all is not lost. In Football things move quickly and you are as good as your last game. In a few weeks they take on Manchester united at home. Victory could see them close in on Man. United at just two points. Who says man united will not falter in the coming weeks.

This optimist thinking hinges however on the hope that Man. City does not falter anymore till season end.

 In my opinion, that is a little bit too much of if’s to save the day for Man City and Mancini. We wish their fans all the best but I honestly fear that should Man City under Mancini fail to b e crowned Champions this year it will very likely be Mancini?s last season as Manager of this club!

The most bitter part of the issue to Man City fans come season end should they not be crowned champions is this: “How come we are not champions after drubbing our bitter rivals 6-1 and eventually losing the title to them in the same year?” This explains why some see him already gone!

Word running around is that this is the next station for the “special One” Jose Mourinho,some even think Guardiola has signed to coach this team next season. Speculations i feel  but that is understandable

 Their names might sound Similar (Mancini & Man. City) but they might not be incompatible after all!


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