Who’s At Fault At Manchester United?


man-u-disasterWhen a worldwide football giant (Manchester United) struggles and look out of sorts each time it plays without it’s best one or two players (Wayne Rooney or /and Van Persie) the solution or culprit is never just a simple name or act!

As Chelsea, led by a rejuvenated Samuel Eto’o,put three Goals past a quite disjuncted Man. United side without Rooney, i could not help but not only feel sorry for the Man. U die hard fans(my close friends especially) but also wonder what the solution could be to stop this free fall by this Giant of World and English Football!

As we share thoughts,Manchester U lay at the 7th position on the English Premier League table (a position they have almost never occupied at this stage of the Season in years) 14 points behind league leaders Arsenal,6 points short from Champions league qualification, are not agressively active in the transfer market (10 days to the closure of the mid season transfer market) are close to elimination from the Carling cup by lowly Sunderland (having lost the 1st leg) and were eliminated from the prestigious FA cup by relatively low Swansea!

What is the most pressing “virus” holding United down? do they stand a chance to turn their fortunes around this season (2013/2014) ? Who do the fans and analysts blame and is it justified?

                                DAVID MOYES?

Most on social media feel David Moyes is not the right fella to usher in the winning Transition over Sir Alex Ferguson. This is maybe true but a bit unfair!

A coach/Manager is as good as the materials at his disposal,the ones he uses and how they are used.

The ease at which Eto’o,though a class player,controlled the ball,waltzed through surrounding Man. United players before slotting the ball into the net for the opening goal is more to do with the mental weakness or failings by the concerned players as against the manager’s responsibility.

However,you could be right in pointing out that the manager should have an influence on the players attitude on the pitch,but for such a top game like Vs Chelsea,top players should need little motivation to aggressiveness!

We could however fault the Manager in his player transfers politics during the off season and now!

                        The Players?

Though they won the league last season under Ferguson,man United struggled in Europe for the last two seasons of Sir Alex Fergusons reign! They simply came short and were prematurely eliminated early. Not going past the group stages of the champions league. The problem was there then but not so flagrant like today!

The look on the face of Sir Ferguson at the final game of 2011 Champions league ,at Wembley,Vs Barcelona (Man. United were simply outclassed 3-1 by Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona in an impressive manner) said it all. One of total powerlessness !

There and then it was clear United needed a cleaning out and rejuvenation,but rather the opposite happened,why? i leave you to judge.

With all due respect to The legendary senior players in the Man. United fold,something major is wrong if a top team features 2,3 or 4 players over the ages of thirty in it’s starting line up ,talk less of forty.It is just is outright counterproductive!

The reserve bench of Man.U on paper is mouth watering,but on the pitch(when they come on is something else)

Man United need younger and fresh blood and hungry new players to change the tide.No one lives forever and no-one can play forever.

Adnan JANUSAY is a good example of the look of the future Man United players!

                              The Board Of Directors?

Many have questioned the wisdom behind the board of Directors allowing Sir Ferguson to influence the choice of his successor and his continued presence at the club at over 70 yrs of age plus the offering of David Moyes a 6 yrs contract!

For all the titles Pep Guardiola had won with Barcelona and his status as a confirmed world class top coach,Bayern Munich offered him a 3 yrs contract not more!

Did this acts provoke a negative spiral of events? i personally do think so! The message it sent out to the actors was definitely a negative one and it is not easy managing top players if you have never been there yourself as player or coach! I know there are very few exceptions but very few.

With Manchester United in need of Champions league funds the board of directors need to act,now!

                                             My Take

Dear United fans,In summary all hope is not lost yet,though Man. United would need a miracle to conquer the league title this season, the 4th place synonymous with Champions league football next season is still attainable,but fewer slipups are advised!

Defensively United need to go into the Transfer market and buy something solid (see what the Purchase of Mesut Otzil by Arsenal has provoked) just as an improvement of players medical care would be God sent.

 Imagine the impact  good transfer Market transactions coupled with a return to form and good health of Van Persie and Wayne Rooney would have on Man. United’s fortunes!

The Race against time and points is on,we wish Man. United all the best,though Arsenal,Chelsea,Manchester City and the resurgent Tottenham will have other ideas!





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  • David says:

    As an avid follower of football and a supporter of Man U I would say a number of things were well spelt out in your piece, the steady decline under the great sir for the last two years is of not, but comparing Bayerns 3 year contract with Guardiola and Utd’s 6 with Moyes is no justice, a coach of Pep’s class is expected to deliver from the starting blocks,no one will offer him any room as ‘learning process’, but Moyes hasn’t handled a club and players as big as those he’ll be facing at utd, and the policy being one not leaned towards quick fixes he’s been given the time to prove himself,if he had a miserly budget at Everton but build a team that made the top teams shudder, then we can really only judge him when he does exactly that; get a team he can call his own, not the old tired crop. Then and only then would I lend my voice to his removal.

  • Dammy says:

    As a strong man United fan I would say you were on point with almost all you have stated.. Nonetheless, a little all needs to be added.. Moyes’s tactics and choice of players leaves a lot to be desired at times, for example the inexplicable inclusion of Valencia on some matches when he’s evidently poor at what he does recently.. Valencia’s inclusion had forced Januzaj to be played on a less effective side.. Put him on the right and you have someone in the mouse of Arjen Robben, a Di Maria or a lil Messi in the making which gives a lot of creativity and vibe to the team.. The choice of Valencia is for balance yet he balances nothing.. Kagawa should be played in his preferred position and the best would be gotten out of him.. I would also choose a Hernandez over Welbeck anyday but Moyes thinks otherwise perhaps because of his preference for English players.. Finally, a complete overhaul isn’t needed, just the addition of the right players in the right places and we will be back at the summit of European football…
    United for life

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