Man. United Can Still Be Champions if…

man-United-Need-to-act-nowLouis Van Gaal is obviously one of the most decorated dutch coaches of all time, but this challenge at Manchester united could turn out to be a defining one in his illustrious career!

Having spent over 180 million Euros in new players acquisition and parted ways with 15 players, one would definitely have expected Manchester united to be at least at the top half of the premier league after 5 league games, but unfortunately they lay as we rub minds 12th on the league table.

This might surprise you but I honestly feel Man United can still be champions but they have to act fast. These are why I feel they are struggling and what they need to improve on or get rid of urgently!


At this level you cannot play simultaneously Falcao,Van Persie,Wayne Rooney,Angel Di Maria (four hyper Offensive players) without, two central,purely defensive minded midfielders at least and win games!

This is pure arrogance to say it mildly. It is virtually saying to the opponents we expect you to just defend because we are Man. U! There is Mata on the side waiting I must add.

These are no doubt world class strikers, but your team is only offensively balanced if the defense network is balanced, enough to give them freedom to attack without fear.

This was more than evident vs. Leicester when Man. U led with 1-3 and the opponents threw all their might forwards out of desperation and ended up carrying the day 5-3

                                                 Formation Change:

For decades Man. United players and English players especially have been born and bred with a 4 man defense line. They are simply lost when they play otherwise. Van Gaal’s introduction of a 1-3 5-2 system of three defenders though well intended and offensive minded in my opinion, has unfortunately introduced so much uncertainty in the team’s balance.

In all fairness,Dutch,Spanish or German players would adapt easier to tactical changes than the English where the somewhat outdated 1-4-4-2 system is still very much in vogue.

A gradual change would have been better or no change at all since when you lose out defensively, you are doomed! Ask José Mourinho how much success defensive strength has brought him!

Broken Team?

Pro footballers are also humans, an expulsion of 15 of the former players ,though makes a lot of sense, breeds bad blood in a team as players miss their routine and if all goes well they tend to forget the lost colleagues, but once results are not forthcoming, negative whispers go around and wear you down!

The lack of a clear cut team tactic for ball recovery,mostly due to late transfer arrivals, new coach, new situation and the intensity of the premier league further makes it difficult to Gel as a team for Man. U.

After a recent loss, a journalist once asked Van Gaal how he intended to fix the defensive frailties that seem to hinder his team’s progression, he just answered, he was not pleased with his team’s ball passing! that says a lot no?

I honestly do believe in this Man. United team under Van Gaal, the league needs a solid Man. United team, but the premier league is not like the Dutch league where it is okay to just score one more than, the opponent, a better defensive network and team balance is a necessity!

The season is still long but if these problems are not fixed soon in a hurry for Man. United, It risks being a long nightmarish season!



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  • Olukotun Oluseyi says:

    I don’t believe there is an outdated formation in football, your formation at times depends on the strenght of the players in the squad or the strenght of the opposition.

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