Liverpool F.C Needs Patience And This?

liverpool-exits-Champions-leagueIt’s been a nightmarish 5 months for Liverpool and it does not look like getting any better, unless…!

Last season Liverpool played one of its best seasons of the 21st century, scoring loads of goals and playing some spirited and spectacular games. Anfield became a nightmare for most clubs and Liverpool Fans rightfully thought the Glory days of the 80’s were back again!

Liverpool finished second thanks to just one defeat to Chelsea at home at the wrong moment ,but still ended up grabbing the lucrative Champions league worth at least, over 23million Euros to them.

Fast forward to today: Top scorer and best player of last season, Luis Suarez was sold to Barcelona for a record fee of 94 million Euros at the declared delight of the Liverpool Chairman (as reports claimed) Daniel Sturridge has been in and out of the Infirmary, Super Mario Balotelli is a Reds player and more.

Liverpool with its Manager, Brendan Rodgers, has Spent around 90 Million Euros on new player Acquisitions in trying to reinforce the team after Suarez’s Departure!

Today, Liverpool is out of the Champions league, eliminated by Real Madrid and relatively modest Basel of Switzerland (relegated to the Europa League) 9th on the English Premier league table,15 points behind league leaders Chelsea, scored 19 goals and conceded 19! Did You ask, What’s Wrong?

Could this Be all about Suarez’s departure?

Suarez not only scored a lot last year but provided several assists, so also did Sturridge, but the difference from last season is just that! last season they concede loads of Goals also but thanks to its extremely efficient attack line it masked it’s defensive deficiencies unlike this year!

Is Steven Gerrard at fault?

Many have pointed fingers at Steven Gerard for being too old amongst others, but I honestly feel this is not only unfair but not a valid excuse!

Liverpool do not have better than Gerard in the midfield when all sectors are put into consideration. On several occasions he has been made to sit on the bench, eg recently Vs. Real Madrid etc. Liverpool not only lost those games but were dominated.

Sure he is no longer the young and powerful Gerard of 8 years ago but like he showed once again Vs Basel, he is far from finished and his defeat rescuing free kick saved the day.

                                                             The Manager ?

Brendnan Rodgers in my opinion is a good coach but maybe unlucky with the transfers and Injuries to key players. Blaming him is probably acceptable leave you to judge, as he is responsible for the new player acquisitions, team tactics and management but it should stop there as other reasons like injuries etc are out of his control!

Our Take

Liverpool is still a viable team and I think we have not heard the last from this team with so much quality! With players like Henderson, Mario Balotelli,Sterling,Coutinho, a fit Sturridge,Johnson,Sakho,Flanagan all fit Liverpool can and will turn the tide.

Obviously it would help if the Manager could adapt his team to play in a different way that brings out the best in his players that is different from last season as Suarez is no longer there to out hustle the opposing defenders.

Defending better with the fullbacks not being so ultra offensive could help to stabilize the defense better ! I still believe in this team.

last season all their 20 man team were all focused on just one objective: The Premier League and furthermore were all Fit in a period preceding the 2014 world cup. Today there is the Champions league distraction and the added pressure to repeat last season or better it!

Though 15 points distant from 1st position on the league table, Liverpool is just 6 points from 4th place, synonymous to Champions league football next season!

Yes, Liverpool needs Patience but also a rapid change in playing style soonest otherwise it will not play in Europe next season!

Don’t despair Liverpool fans, you’ll never walk Alone!


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