Why Liverpool Needs More Than Just Money


“Liverpool needs to spend more to be competitive” This is what some sport pundits are proposing as remedy to Liverpool’s title drought.

No matter how good a coach you are,you need good players to execute your beautiful winning schemes etc. otherwise you will fail.

Today in modern soccer Good players are expensive and this is not just due solely to their quality but more due to external factors: Nationality,over valuation,Manager fees,buy out clause in contract etc

Liverpool came very close to winning the title last year in England and eventually lost their prolific striker,Luis Suarez, to Barcelona for a record fee of 90 million Euros.A sum that was spent on new players acquisition immediately.

My point is that this Liverpool team of today, that is 7 points away from a Champions league spot is way more expensive than the team that were just one victory short of Being champions last season. This in my opinion to start with negates the above assertion that more money needs to be spent to win major titles for Liverpool.

Today’s football is all about team play.To succeed and win major titles you need to get 7 or eight of your players collectively well “doctored” to effectively operate as a unit with and without the ball in combination with two or three extraordinary players to score goals or make the difference out of nothing.

Messi,Neymar and Suarez plus other seven players at Barcelona, C. Ronaldo,Benzema and Gareth Bale plus other seven players at Real madrid, Eden Hazard,Diego Costa and the other 8 players at Chelsea,Arjen Roeben,Lewandowski,Frank Ribery and the other 7 players at Bayern Munich just to mention a few.

Liverpool is probably one of the most traditional teams in England if not the world and though most Englishmen will beg to disagree,the astronomical sum Liverpool spends on an average in a season is way higher than what Some other European Champions spend in a season!

I feel any team that wants to win championships (epl inclusive) just has to get a better game plan and network system of its players and spend wisely in that or those rare players that will make the difference out of nothing!

Of course in modern day football at the highest level,you need lots of money,otherwise the best players will go elsewhere. However success as a team will depend on the quality of the technical crew,scouting system,club philosophy amongst others.

More money will not buy Liverpool or any team the title (ask Man. United under Louis Van Gaal, after so much money spent on transfers and has had a turbulent season,3rd on the league table with 8 points behind league leaders Chelsea)

Liverpool needs a better team and not just a more expensive one!


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  • KingsBridge says:

    I do agree that they need more than money to win trophies again, But they do need money to spend on Quality players. Liverpool has not really be good on the transfer market for years now, they spend a lot on sub standard players. Having only three solid players like you pointed out will not guarantee you success, the top teams know that. Ronaldo,Benzema,Bale needs James,Modric,Marcelo,Ramos etc. Messi Neymar,Suarez needs Iniesta,Rakitic,Dani Alvez,Xavi etc. Robben,Ribbery,Lewandosky needs Alaba,Lahm,Alonso,Gotze,Neuer,Mullah etc. So its a collective thing. The whole squad has to be formidable not just 3 or 4 players. Liverpool Scouting system is very weak and they need to improve on next season. Emre Can,Lallana,Markovic,moreno,Joe Allen,Lambert cannot win trophies. Even their top players, Gerrard,Sterling,Sturridge,Henderson will be benched by the tops teams. Liverpool players are sub standard, Brendan Rodgers is good but he is also substandard. Liverpool needs lots of money on good players,a different policy and mentality then they can compete with the best teams in Europe.

    • I did not just mean 3 players,but a block of hard working 7 players good,but not necessarily extraordinary that bearably expensive,coupled with 3 exceptional players who win you matches out of nothing for example.that would be a step fotrward

  • I am a fan of Liverpool football club and I have said even when Liverpool came second last season, that our first problem is that we have the wrong manager. Our second position was a fluke and unlikely to reoccur with the sort of weak and porous defence we had. If you wish to win the Premiership, which Liverpool claim we want to do, then we need first to get a manager who has won things before – a medal that you cannot put on BR’s neck.
    Liverpool is too big a club to appoint a manager that has “potential”.
    Liverpool now has a number of disadvantages. The club is not in the Champions League. The city is not an attractive destination for a young and rich footballer and so it takes a Manager of proven success to attract the young gifted players who want to win things.
    In no other job would you have spent the type of money Rogers has spent and still be in office. Three years after taking over, we are further away from an ambition with less money in the bank. Kenny Daglish did better and was fired.
    This is not rocket science, we should thank Rogers for his hard work and wish him well in his future endeavours.
    Best wishes Sunday

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