Lionel Messi’s Best Move Ever?

One statement, “I want to leave” … from one man and Barcelona’s world goes up in flames. Not just any man, but arguably the greatest player to ever play for the Catalonians, Lionel Messi.

Never since the Sc Napoli Era of Diego Maradona in the late 80’s has one player symbolized the absolute strength of a club like Messi at Barcelona. Coincidentally they are both Argentines.

Lionel Messi is 33 years old, joined Barcelona at the age of 13 with serious growth problems that needed expensive medical help through hormonal treatments etc.  which Barcelona assumed; the rest is history.

20 years later, he has helped Barcelona win every worthwhile club trophy winnable, picking up world player of the year a record 6 times. Many arguably consider him to be the greatest player ever. Though Ronaldo, Maradona and Pele fans will flatly disagree.

Remarkably though Messi has never played for any other club outside Barcelona. In 20 years, he has trained, played games and used the same dressing room as a Pro player. Many wonder why he would want to leave, now and is it the right thing to do?

Barcelona under Guardiola with Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol and African Legend Eto’o Fils etc. dominated world club football, played football like arguably no other club team has ever done before nor after. They seemed like they lacked no weaknesses and when it got difficult, Messi provided often the highly needed magical action to carry the day.

With the departure of the other fore named teammates, Messi still continued to carry Barcelona, stars came and went but he stayed, National Trophies still continued to be won by Barcelona,but only once could Barcelona lift the Champions league Trophy post Puyol, Eto’o Xavi etc. On a personal note Lionel Messi continued to win individual accolades.

If you have ever watched Messi play live, you can attest to the extraordinary talent of Lionel Messi, sometimes there are no words to describe them.

Recent years have seen a sharp decline in Barcelona’s international fortunes, especially at the champions league. Humiliating eliminations by AS Roma, Liverpool have followed but none so humiliating and damaging like the 8-2 drubbing elimination suffered at the hands of Bayern Munich just days ago.

So humiliating was the defeat to Bayern Munich, the Barcelona players were booed and insulted on their return to base in Spain.

Messi has been at logger heads with the tax offices in Spain in recent years, conflict with the sports director, Eric Abidal, now ousted, and most recently with the board of Directors of Barcelona.

At Barcelona. Messi plays the way he wants; the team is molded to bring out the best in him. Players do the defending dirty work to get their star player the tools to deliver. He is pardoned to walk when the team is not in possession. Captain of the team and the Golden goose . At 33 it is understandable.

In a new club. Will Messi get the same freedom? Will his teammates be willing to sacrifice everything to put him in the best conditions to be at his best and the best? Will Barcelona let him leave? If yes under what condition, price and in what dented legal litigation state?

Many have criticized Messi in the past for not having the guts to play elsewhere from Barcelona, should he leave Barcelona and successfully win the champions league. He would silence those naysayers once and for all

Lionel Messi’s legendary capabilities are not in doubt here, however my fear is: will Messi’s eventual new team mates and club be able to meet up to the obvious enormous ambitions and expectations of Lionel Messi?

Lionel Messi has mesmerized us over the years with uncountable jaw dropping moves, will this latest one be the best or worst move he ever made? Only time will tell.

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