Messi Smiles,Brazil Mourns!

messi-vs-brazil-sadnessThe mood in Brazil is such a foggy one it is scary! As the news filtered in that Neymar’s injury sustained as the Brazilian superstar and a Colombian defender at the tail end of the second half was worse than earlier thought: Neymar’s World Cup is definitively over.

Whilst Neymar’s Diagnosis of a Fractured Vertebrae was being deliberated on by everyone here Lionel Messi and Argentina, Brazil’s sworn bitter rivals were booking their place into its first semi finals at the world Cup in 24years!

Lionel Messi was just impressive in his management of the tempo of the game and his contribution to the winning Goal.

This was a much better Argentine side defensively and positioning off the ball as against earlier matches. They played like a team seeking result and less spectacular play!

Belgium sadly could not cope with the experienced game plan put up by the Argentines as they smiled all the way to the Semi finals.

Here in Brazil you cannot escape the tension between the Argentine fans and the Brazilians, there has been incidents needing police interventions to calm the nerves of opposing fans and though they have both booked their places into the Semi Finals, the prospects of Brazil going through is now mineralised by this Neymar injury as Messi looks increasingly near his best and smiling!

Argentina lost Di Maria to an injury but still have their Talisman and Magician Messi intact, whilst Brazil Not only lose Neymar though injury but also influential Captain Thiago Silva to excessive booking suspension. In Dante of the Bayern Munich fame Thiago Silva lose could be we absorbed though the poor Dante is yet to taste a minute in this world Cup.

The Germans await Brazil and I honestly feel if there is one opponent that Brazil need Neymar and Thiago Silva to beat ,it is the Germans. The Argentines face the Dutch and have work to do to say the least if they want to play in the finals.

Will Argentina still be smiling come Friday when the finalist would have been decided and the Brazilians in tears or Vice Versa? Who knows they might just both smile or Shed Tears of elimination!


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