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The Newspaper Le Soir (The Evening) is a Berliner Format Belgian newspaper. Founded in 1887 by Emile Rossel, It is the most popular Francophone newspaper in Belgium, and considered a newspaper of records.

Our colaboration with Le Soir Newspapers

We did analyse the entire 2010 world cup for Le Soir, which included pre and post-match analysis and commentaries. All through the world cup my column was called ‘The Eye of Sunday’. which entailed the daily game analysis of the world cup which were published.

The analysis given were not only used for the daily news papers,but also for online readers: Should you be interested,please feel free to click on the below listed links. More articles can be found on the websites using Le Soir´s search tool.

-The complete 2010-2011 Champions League: Pre and post match analysis, general commentaries and answers to questions sent in by fans.

– Weekly column on Le soir: insight on three distinct topics for Readers.

– 2012 European Championship won by Spain on a daily basis!

Le Soir Collaborations Links:


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